Our rebrand to M&G Wealth is complete

What you’ll see

The final phase of our rebrand project completed over the weekend of 28/29 May and we have now fully rebranded to M&G Wealth.

The final stage of this work has been to remove the Ascentric branding from the platform and literature including product names, and replacing it with M&G Wealth. So, now you’ll see a consistent branding on our website, the platform, your statements and when you call us.

The journey began with the purchase of the Ascentric platform by M&G plc back in September 2020. Since then we’ve been moving our systems over to M&G Wealth. As you may know, we relaunched our rebranded website in November 2021.

We’re excited about finalising our rebrand and hope that you enjoy the new look. We’re also proud that our new brand was designed with sustainability in mind. That might sound unusual but you can find out more further down the page about how brand designs can be sustainable.

If you’ve not seen the M&G Wealth logo before – here’s who we are

We provide tailored advice services, powerful investment solutions and a seamless, tech-enabled experience that fit the needs of a broad range of clients and advisers. We know that everyone has a unique situation and unique goals, so we’re developing an innovative service designed for all segments in society. ​If you want to find out more about our platform please speak to your financial adviser.

Change of registered address

We’ve also changed our registered address, which is now 10 Fenchurch Avenue, London EC3M 5AG. You’ll see this new address in the footer of our website and on any literature you receive from us. But if you’re returning any applications or forms to us you will continue to use our correspondence address: M&G Wealth, Trimbridge House, Trim Street, Bath BA1 1HB.

Delivering sustainability by design

When people talk about rebranding their website, they usually just mean applying their brand colours and design. When we were thinking about creating the new website and other online channels, we wanted to go much further than that. 

Given that sustainability and inclusivity are at the heart of M&G Wealth’s brand values, they had to be our first priority when creating our digital experiences.

Smart design, less carbon

The carbon impact of our online lives is routinely overlooked. But the internet and the technology that supports it generates 3.8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions – about the same as the aviation industry.

The good news is that, with smart design, this can be radically reduced. How have we done that with our website? We’ve focused on the principle that sustainable design is simply about good design. We’re aiming to reduce the energy and data our website uses to the bare minimum. So, for example, our website and platforms (as well as some bulk emails) will use ‘dark mode’ where light text is reversed out of a dark background. On modern smartphones and laptops, this can consume a staggering 60% less energy than the traditional light mode.

What does the rebrand mean for you?

You don’t need to do anything differently and you’ll continue to contact us in the same way. There are also no changes to the way we work with your financial adviser or how we look after your money.