Hear from our customers

What’s it like, working with M&G Wealth? We asked a few of our firms to share their experiences.

A co-ordinated onboarding approach

Here’s Tom Poynton, an Executive Director at Baron & Grant Investment Management Limited, on what his firm were looking for in a platform, and how they found it in our in-house dealing capabilities and all-in platform fees. Tom also takes us through his firm’s experience of the onboarding process and getting to know our expert teams across the business.  

Taking time to understand your business

Matthew Denne, an adviser from ad+ financial, shares what it was like working with his Business Development Manager (BDM), as they built up an understanding of his business and supported the firm during challenging times. Matthew also considers how working closely together means we can share best practice and reap the mutual benefits. 

Building a collaborative, long-term relationship

Richmond Wealth have been working with us for a long time. Hear from Senior Partner Chris Bryans about how that relationship has developed. Chris explores how having a point of contact, as well as colleagues across the business taking ownership of specific queries, makes a real difference to his firm and their clients.

Want to know more? 

Find out what you can expect as you get started on the platform or get in touch. ​​​​​​​

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