M&G Wealth Platform - catch up on what's been changing

Platform improvements and more...


Over the weekend we’ve made a number of changes to the platform. Many of these are important foundations for new, upcoming proposition and service developments, to provide you with a more efficient and effective platform.

We’ve listened to your feedback and some changes you will see from 30 May are:

  • Anti-money laundering: you can now add the relevant details online as part of the application and it will be checked immediately – making this a more simple, instant process for you and your clients. Please note, we may still need to contact you for copies of ID in some situations.
  • Bank details: you can now add and have these verified as part of the online application process making it easier for you to initiate any withdrawals when your clients want them.
  • Quicker and smoother sell and withdraw process: you can now complete this process as one action and your clients can access their money sooner.
  • Supporting information: you told us you want us to collect more information for ISA/ GIA online, like tax residency, rather than only on paper applications, so we’ve added them online.
  • You can now more easily amend client details and edit applications before submitting to make any last minute changes – to support straight through processing.

If you have any questions please contact the Client Services team.

M&G’s continued investment in the platform further shows our commitment to deliver you the industry’s best platform experience. Read CEO, Rich Denning latest update with more information.


Rebranding the platform

The final phase of our rebrand project completed over the weekend of 28/29 May and we have now fully rebranded to M&G Wealth.

The journey began with the purchase of the Ascentric platform by M&G plc back in September 2020. Since then we’ve been moving our systems over to M&G Wealth, while maintaining continuous service for all our users. As you may know, we relaunched our website in November 2021 and rebranded our emails and social media accounts.

The final stage of this work has been to remove the Ascentric branding from the platform and literature, replacing it with M&G Wealth. So, now you’ll see a consistent branding approach however you deal with us.

This is a big step forward for us and an important milestone in the evolution of M&G Wealth.

Delivering sustainability by design

Just before we started our rebrand journey we spoke to Robin Neilly, Senior Creative Lead at M&G, to find out about why the brand had been designed the way it had and the sustainability aspirations behind it.

What does the rebrand mean for me and my clients?


You won’t need to do anything differently and you’ll continue to work with us, and contact us, in the same ways that you always do. There are also no changes to the way we look after your clients' money.

You may want to discuss these brand changes with your clients, and reassure them that nothing has changed, we just look a bit different.

Other things to be aware of:

Product names

We’ve also updated the product names that previously reference Ascentric. For reference these are:

Product type

Current name

New name from 30 May


Ascentric ISA

M&G Wealth ISA


Ascentric General Investment Account

M&G Wealth General Investment Account


Ascentric Pension Account

M&G Wealth Pension Account


Change of registered address

We’ve also changed our registered address, which is now 10 Fenchurch Avenue, London EC3M 5AG. But if you’re returning any applications or forms to us you will continue to use our correspondence address: M&G Wealth, Trimbridge House, Trim Street, Bath BA1 1HB.

Who is M&G Wealth?

M&G Wealth was purpose built to disrupt the world of wealth management. Founded on the values of transparency and making a positive impact in the world, we want to level the playing field, closing the advice gap to help advisers and their clients reach their goals, whatever their circumstances. 

To find out more about M&G Wealth, head over to the new website.