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Here you’ll find a summary of our research, guides and insights into the market. And, adviser firms and other experts sharing their practical experience.

A look back

CRP – How to guide to get you started

With more firms considering or reviewing Centralised Retirement Propositions and the feedback we’ve heard since launching our CRP research of a need for more practical information and best practice, we wanted to help. So, we partnered with NextWealth and have spoken with expert outsourced paraplanners to find out more.

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2021 Report – CRP Research

Our second Centralised Retirement Propositions (CRP) benchmarking report. Researched by NextWealth, for us.

This time we’ve dug deeper into CRP adoption, the benefits of a structured retirement strategy and challenges during the pandemic,  as well as changing client needs and behaviour.

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2020 CRP research report - use and adoption

Our benchmark report of surveys and in-depth interviews with advice firms researching their views of CRPs and the structure of their existing retirement strategies. As well as the building blocks, tools and challenges. These results fed into this benchmarking report. Who knew the world would change so significantly since we published this edition?

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Retirement philosophies

The retirement income market in 2019/ 2020 was, and still is, an area of continued growth and focus. We wanted to better understand how advisers were dealing with the broad spectrum of needs, priorities, risks and options. In short, the adviser retirement philosophies. lang cat, spoke with a number of advisers, to help us find out what a Centralised Retirement Proposition (CRP) means to them, how it may (or may not) fit into their proposition and their views on some of the key themes around retirement income planning.

Case study 1

A Chartered Financial Planner working with higher net worth clients. Average client age is approximately 51 and assets are broadly evenly split between accumulation and retirement (58/42% respectively).

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Case study 2

A Chartered Independent Financial Planner, working primarily with business owners and the self-employed. Around 28% of client funds are currently in drawdown/providing an income in retirement.

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Case study 3

A firm of Chartered Financial Planners with AUA of £300 million, working mainly with later life clients, the average age of which is around 67 years old.

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Case study 4

A group of independent financial advisers with AUA of £179m. The majority of the firm’s clients are in retirement.

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Case study 5

A firm of Chartered Financial Planners offering comprehensive independent financial advice with £150 million AUA. The firm’s clients are, on average, between 55 and 60 years old. Around 60% of the client base in decumulation.

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Hot off the press

Our how to guide to guide for CRPs. Interviews with experienced paraplanners to understand what's worked for them and help in building, implementing and maintaining a CRP.

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