Your investment strategy, your way

Everyone's business proposition is different. You know that, we know that. You shouldn't have to compromise because of what your platform can provide. We've got you covered.

What's your investment approach?

I want complete control?

To manage my clients' investments myself and be able to create models, select funds and make my own investment choices.

I want to work with a DFM?

To be able to work with expert DFMs with a platform that is simple for us all to work together.

I want to outsource investment strategy?

To keep things as simple as possible with an investment proposition that keeps it simple for me to manage my clients.

Your clients. Your solution.

Your platform. Your choice

Pick your own

With access to over 3800 funds, EFTs, Investment Trusts and Equities.

In-house stockbroking

To adapt to your clients ever changing needs and the markets ups and downs.

Model Portfolio Service with DFMs

With access to a wide universe of assets, truly inclusive pricing and in-house stockbroking, our platform enables DFMs to deliver sophisticated solutions for clients.

Bespoke DFMs

If you've got a client with complex investment needs, that requires a DFM with bespoke investment services, our platform will support this. So that means all your clients are in one place.

List of DFMs

You'll have access to over 65 DFMs on our platform. Can't find the one you're looking for? Let us know and we'll see what we can do. We also support bespoke DFMs.