Supporting your client proposition

Our platform offers a truly intergenerational wealth solution, to support you, your clients and their families

Flexibility to support your investment strategy

Everyone's business proposition is different, you shouldn't have to compromise yours because of what your platform can provide.

We've got you covered.

On the M&G Wealth Platform you have the freedom to manage your clients' investments yourself.

With access to over 3800 funds, ETFs, Investment Trusts and Equities there are options to meet all your clients’ needs; whether that is by selecting assets for client specific portfolios or by investing your clients’ assets in your own models.

The M&G Wealth Platform works with trusted DFMs to deliver sophisticated client solutions at competitive prices.

With access to a wide universe of assets, inclusive pricing and in-house stockbroking; DFMs can offer model portfolio services and if your DFM is dealing on the markets, there is no extra charge when using our platform. We can deal in real time when the markets are open, meaning they have control of when they buy or sell. 

We have over 100 DFMs on our platform, can't find the one you're looking for? Let us know and we'll see what we can do. 

Helping deliver your investment proposition

New business application

Trading and model portfolios

Top-ups and money out

Family linking

A family group, including spouses, civil partners, cohabitees, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren and step relations may benefit from a discount on our platform charge. Helping your wealth planning proposition reflect the shape and dynamic of modern families. 


Meaning more opportunity for you. More discounts for your clients. More value for everyone. Easily managed all in one place.

In house trading desk

We’ve been a member of the London Stock Exchange since 2008, meaning we can deal in real time the whole time the markets are open; we aren’t limited to placing bulk trades only once a day. By controlling when orders are placed we can secure the best possible price and a better deal for your clients.



Retirement Planning

Flexibility of choice on products, funds and portfolio construction M&G Wealth can support your choice:

  • Pre and post retirement
  • Income sources
  • Flexible withdrawal options and sequencing risk
  • Cash management - availability and product options

Cash management

Ring-fence cash in whatever way works for you and your clients

  • Cover fees and charges by setting aside cash, rather than including it in a model portfolio
  • Allocate income payments and protect from rebalances
  • Or, you can still use model portfolio to automatically top up a cash account


A reliable and robust partner