Bulletin - November 2021

4 min read 24 Nov 21

Technical Prudential Planning Tools available to you via the platform 

As part of M&G Wealth we’re able to give you direct access to other useful resources in our wider business. Prudential is well known for its high quality technical support. This month we’ve added direct access to some of their most popular technical tools via the platform. 

These tools are designed to support you in pensions, bond investments and other general planning situations like trusts for IHT. 

Login to the platform and click the new Tools Hub icon to try them out.  

Find out more by visiting the new Technical hub

Telephone System Update

You may have noticed some changes to our telephone system earlier this month. The new menu system was introduced to shorten your call waiting time and to get you through to the right person quicker.

On the 6 December we are enhancing our system again, to increase capacity and allow us to manage our calls better.

The new system will incorporate a new call back facility that will keep your place in the queue and call you back on a number of your choosing. When the call comes through it will be titled ‘no caller id’.

Once the system is up and running we’ll analyse the data to deliver more improvements for you through 2022.

AKG Financial Strength Rating

We’ve received our AKG rating as M&G Wealth Platform for 2021 and have maintained a rating of B+ (“Very Strong”). The report takes a detailed look at various aspects such as financial strength, future performance & service to determine the rating.

Rebrand to M&G Wealth

We wrote to you and your clients this week to let you know that we had launched our newly rebranded website - a key phase in our rebrand programme. To find out more visit our website.

We’ve removed the old Ascentric brand from the website, replacing it with the new M&G Wealth brand. Next year we’ll be rebranding the platform and all our literature.

We’ve also rebranded our marketing emails and this is what you and your clients will see from now on.

For those of you that use social media, we’ve also rebranded our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

There’s no action for you or your clients to take. We just wanted to make you aware of the changes, to avoid any potential confusion if you’re trying to find the old Ascentric website. We’ve also put redirects in place, so if you’ve bookmarked links to the Ascentric website, you’ll be taken to that page on the new website.