Your platform, your brand

Your brand can help you stand out from your competitors and improve engagement with your customers. It’s something your customer’s recognise and is synonymous with your values and service.

Our branding service

Our branding service allows you to customise the platform as your own, helping you to connect with your clients. It means whenever your clients access their portfolio online, they will always interact with your branding.


Have your firm's colour scheme, logo and typeface across the platform.


Brand your outputs and reports, such as contract notes, valuation statements and tax vouchers.

Bespoke URL

Link directly to the login screen from your own website, making it easier for your clients to access the platform.

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White label solution

The white label solution is more than changing the brand of the Platform, it helps to create a bespoke platform experience. This could include:

  • A white label version of a SIPP / ISA
  • An adapted user experience
  • Varying commercial options