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Next generation infrastructure

Next-generation technology will drive our future and help us towards achieving new standards in sustainability and environmental protection. But technology can't function without infrastructure. So we must build next-generation infrastructure too - the cables, the data, the communications and the energy that will allow us to harness the potential of technology for human progress and sustainability. Next-generation infrastructure is at the heart of M&G's listed infrastructure strategy. 

At least 80% of the fund is invested in the shares of infrastructure companies and investment trusts of any size and from anywhere in the world, including emerging markets. The fund usually holds shares in fewer than 50 companies. The fund invests in securities that meet the ESG Criteria and Sustainability Criteria. Norms-, sector- and/or values-based exclusions apply to investments.    

Why listed infrastructure?

The potential for reliable and growing cashflows generated by critical physical infrastructure – long-term assets which are essential for the functioning of global society.

Listed infrastructure provides exposure to long-term structural growth trends including renewable energy, clean transport and digital connectivity.

Why now?

  • We believe listed infrastructure has the potential to provide reliable and sustainable long-term growth.
  • Companies are paying increasing attention to ESG in their efforts to become better businesses, both from a financial perspective as well as ensuring sustainability.
  • Fiscal expansion in the wake of COVID-19, including higher spending on infrastructure, may provide a favourable backdrop for the asset class.

The main risks that could affect performance are set out below:

The value and income from the fund's assets will go down as well as up. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise. There is no guarantee that the fund will achieve its objective and you may get back less than you originally invested. The views expressed in this document should not be taken as a recommendation, advice or forecast.


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