For UK financial advisers only, not approved for use by retail customers. Click here for the customer website.

How you can do business with us 

We know it’s important that you’re able to place business with us easily, and be able to carry out servicing transactions seamlessly and online where possible. Save yourself a phone call by using our online services that are available.

Below is a table of what you can and can’t do online.

  Illustrations Submit Business  Withdrawals
What’s available online 
  • Single owner on own life 
  • Joint owner on own life (both lives assured must be under the age of 85)
  •  Cases up to £5 million
  • Submit the illustrations in bold online 
  • Submit standard applications without a client signature or securely email them 
  • Submit adviser declarations without an adviser signature or securely email them 
  • Send client verification information - no original copies are required
  • Full withdrawals 
  • Partial withdrawals minimum £50
  • Full segments 
  • Partial segments 
  • Combination of full and part segments 
  • No need for client signature 
  • Cheque payments under £100K or BACS payments under £250k
  • For jointly owned bonds we can only pay to a joint bank account in both policy owners names
What must be done offline 
  • Single owner on life of another
  • Joint owner on lives of another
  • Company investment 
  • Will Trust 
  • Loan Trusts
  • Gift Trusts
  • Discounted Gift Trusts
  • Cases over £5 million
  • All top ups
  • Single life on life of another 
  • Joint owner on lives of another 
  • Joint owner on own life if one of the lives assured is over the age of 84 
  • Power of attorney
  • Cases over £5 million
  • All top ups
  • Company Investments
  • Set up under trust
  • Trusts still need wet settlor and witness signatures, but trust documents can be submitted by secure email
  • Cheque payments over £100k or BACS payments over £250k 
  • Clients not residing in the UK 
  • Bonds in trust or assigned in the past 12 months 
  • Where a Power of Attorney is in place 
  • Bonds in joint names where the owners live at different addresses, or when the money is to paid to a sole bank account 
  • Chargeable gains calculations - in some circumstances
  • PruFund Mark 1 (standalone PruFund investments.
  • Where the policy has been sliced/full segments surrendered