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Tools and Calculators

Explore options and uncover issues that could affect your clients across a number of devices. Our tools and calculators are for financial advisers and not approved for use with clients.

Trusts and Inheritance Tax Modeller

This tool allows you to estimate the potential Inheritance Tax liability for one or two individuals, demonstrating the impact gifting part of their estate into trust would have on their overall IHT liability.


Inflation Modeller

This calculator allows you to demonstrate the impact of inflation on your client's investment and cash holdings over a set time period. It also demonstrates the overall returns achievable before and after inflation is taken into account.


Trustee Investment Plan Modeller

The Trustee Investment Plan (TIP) Modeller shows how the Prudential TIP can be used as an investment for your existing Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) and Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS). 

Bond Gain Tool

Based on the past premium and withdrawal history, the bond gain tool will allow you to model the potential gain based on full segment surrender and/ or partial withdrawals.

Tax Relief Modeller

Understand how pension contributions could affect your client’s tax position; or calculate your client’s tax position regardless of any further pension contributions.

Retirement Modeller

Explore planning scenarios across your client’s full retirement journey with Prudential’s Retirement Account..

Annual Allowance Calculator

Find out how Annual Allowance could impact your clients – whether the standard Annual Allowance or tapered annual allowance applies, as well as the amount of unused allowance and carry forward.

Defined Benefit Pension Input Amount Tool

Calculate the estimated recommended pension input amount for your client to help you work out annual allowance usage.

Tax Wrapper Comparison Tool

Discover how the returns compare, in general, between onshore bonds, offshore bonds and collective investments such as unit trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEICs).

Capped Drawdown GAD Calculator

Find out the monthly gilt yield and the impact of this on the amount of income your client could take from capped drawdown.

Salary Sacrifice Calculator

Understand the effect of salary sacrifice on your client’s pension – to lower pension contribution costs or increase contributions at the same cost.

Investment Calculator

Demonstrate the accumulated fund value achievable over a period of time through investing, and the investment required by a client to reach their savings goal.

Emergency Tax Tool

Calculate the impact of Emergency Tax on the payment of the Uncrystallised Fund Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS) and the first payment of drawdown.

Discounted Gift Trust Discount Calculator

Estimate the potential discount which your client may receive with a Discounted Gift Trust.

Inheritance Tax Calculator

Calculate potential Inheritance Tax liabilities when establishing a discretionary Gift Trust, discretionary Discounted Gift Trust or discretionary Loan Trust. Calculate potential Inheritance Tax liabilities when establishing a discretionary Gift Trust, discretionary Discounted Gift Trust or discretionary Loan Trust.

School & University Fees Calculator

Discover the investment needed in an offshore bond to fund school or university fees and the tax payable on withdrawals.

Extracting Company Profits Tool

Find out if your client could extract profits from their business in a more tax efficient way and how.

Available Funds and Preferential Terms Calculator

Calculate the savings from preferential terms and find funds available for Prudential International Investment Portfolio and the Non-UK version of the Portfolio Account.

Prudential Trust & Application Form Tool

Is your client planning to place an investment into trust? Find the correct application form and trust form with tips on how to complete them.