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The value of a long-term investment outlook 

Parit Jakhira, Director of Long-Term Investment Strategy at T&IO discusses: 

  • How PruFunds investment philosophy has evolved over the past 18 years 
  • The funds long term outlook 
  • How it's navigated uncertainty for customers for 18 years
  • The funds robustness and opportunity based nature helping support growth potential

PruFund just got older
Celebrate 18 years of smoothed returns with us

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New With-Profits Fund Stewardship report

How we're investing your clients money

Why Bonds - Financial Planning Opportunities

In this guide you'll find case studies which focus on investment bonds, both UK and International. Three client types are examined - Individuals, Trustees and Corporates.

Trust Registration Service Completion Guide

This guide provides support to advisers when assisting trustee clients in the registration of Prudential's Trusts. 

PruFund Growth and Cautious Investment reports

Comprehensive reports on the PruFund Growth and PruFund Cautious Funds.

Intergenerational planning for financial advisers

Insight, expertise and practical solutions from Prudential, to support forward-thinking advisers in extending their expertise and value across more generations of a family.

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