Share classes

For the majority of M&G funds, investors can choose between the following four share classes:

  • Sterling Class A Shares
  • Sterling Class X Shares
  • Sterling Class I Shares
  • Sterling Class R Shares

Each share class has been designed with different investment needs in mind.

Our Sterling Share Classes do not carry an entry charge or exit charge. However, an ongoing charge will still apply. The ongoing charge is made up of the Annual Charge which may be discounted depending on the size of the fund, and extraordinary expenses. For property funds, the ongoing charge does not take into account the property operating expenses, also known as PER. For information on all our charges, please refer to our Fund Charges page.

On our Fund availability and fund types table (on page 4 of the M&G Important Information document) you will find information about the specific share classes available in your choice of fund(s).

Within each share class you are also required to choose between;

  • Taking a regular income from your investments by choosing Income shares
  • Reinvesting the income they generate through choosing Accumulation shares

Income shares entitle the holder to be paid the income attributed to those shares on the payment date. This is usually paid twice a year but can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly depending on the fund.

Accumulation shares don’t pay income. Instead, they automatically reinvest any income accruing to the fund and this is reflected in the share price. If a fund only offers Income shares, any net income can be reinvested to buy more shares.

This means you can choose the best investment options for your individual requirements.

Please read the Important Information for Investors document for further information on share classes and fund choices or call our Customer Relations team on 0800 390 390.

However, please remember that the value and income from the fund's assets will go down as well as up. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invested.

To summarise, when making your investment with M&G, please be sure to indicate;

  1. The M&G fund(s) you wish to invest in
  2. Your preferred share class(es) (detailed below)
  3. Whether you would like to invest in Income or Accumulation shares

Remember, your application may be rejected if it is only partially completed.

We are unable to give financial advice. For impartial guidance about investing with M&G we recommend you speak to a financial adviser.

Sterling Class A Shares

Available to invest in The M&G ISA, The M&G Junior ISA, M&G OEIC and The M&G Savings Plan.

  • Minimum investment level (lump sum): £500

Sterling Class X Shares

Available to invest in the M&G OEIC. Please note that ‘X Shares’ are no longer available for new investment into The M&G ISA and The M&G Junior ISA.

  • Minimum investment level (lump sum): £500

Sterling Class I Shares

Available to invest in the M&G OEIC only.

  • Minimum investment level (lump sum): £500,000

Sterling Class R Shares

Available to invest in The M&G ISA, The M&G Junior ISA, M&G OEIC and The M&G Savings Plan when you invest via our online investing service myM&G or through a financial adviser.

  • Minimum investment level (lump sum): £1 (when investing with myM&G only)

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