The M&G ISA – Helping to keep your long-term plans on track

Maximising your tax-efficient stocks and shares ISA (Individual Savings Account) allowance each year can offer the opportunity to build up larger sums over the long term.
Whether you want to invest small amounts regularly or a one off lump sum, we’re here to help your finances stay on course.

With no personal liability to tax on interest payments, dividend payments, or capital gains to pay and no need to declare ISAs on a tax return, the potential benefits of ISAs are certainly impressive.


Within The M&G ISA you can hold a dynamic mix of equities (shares in a company), bonds (a loan in the form of a security, usually issued by a government or company, also known as fixed income), commercial property and even multi-asset funds to suit your individual needs.


You will also benefit from our size, scale and nearly 100 years of experience in the investment industry. Our expertise in research, market analysis and decision-making helps us to invest your money responsibly.


You can invest up to £20,000 in an ISA with either a lump sum or with regular contributions.


Please note, The M&G ISA is a stocks and shares ISA only.

The M&G Junior ISA

Junior ISAs offer a tax-efficient way to save for a child’s future. No one knows what the economic situation will be like when your children or grandchildren have grown up, but we believe the earlier you start, the greater the service you are doing them.


Junior ISAs offer similar tax advantages to ‘adult’ ISAs, but with a lock-in, making the child’s investment inaccessible until they turn 18. Like an ISA, Junior ISAs can invest in equities, bonds, property and even multi-asset funds, giving you flexibility over the future of your child’s long-term savings.


A Junior ISA must be opened by either the child themself if aged 16 or over and investing on their own behalf, or by someone with parental responsibility or legal guardianship for the child. This person will be the ‘Registered Contact’ for the account. Once the account has been opened, anyone can gift or contribute money to the account.


You can invest up to £9,000 in a Junior ISA this tax year with either a lump sum or regular contributions.


Please note, The M&G Junior ISA is a stocks and shares ISA only.

The tax rules for ISAs and Junior ISAs may change in the future, and their tax advantages depend on your individual circumstances.

Thinking of transferring an ISA?

Having ISAs spread across different providers could make it difficult keeping tabs on what is going on with each of them. Bringing your ISA investments into fewer or even into one place could reduce the cost, paperwork and make it more convenient and easier to manage. 

If you have an ISA, Junior ISA or even a Child Trust Fund (CTF) from previous tax years with other providers, it’s easy to transfer them to M&G. They’ll keep all their tax benefits and we won’t charge you a penny to transfer. But, it’s always best to check with your current provider first because they may apply a charge their end when you transfer your investment elsewhere.

Transferring your ISA to M&G won’t affect its tax status or impact your ISA allowance for the tax year. But, you should speak to a financial adviser if you are unsure whether an investment is right for your individual needs. Please remember that while your investment is being transferred it will be out of the market and will not lose or gain in value.

Our charges vary between the funds that you can invest in, and then by the class of share they might hold. 

For each fund, you will pay an ongoing charge (which consists of an annual charge and extraordinary expenses) plus a share of portfolio transaction costs (the costs incurred when funds buy and sell investments). Please see below for an explanation of both costs. 

There are no extra charges or hidden costs, for example there are no entry or exit charges on your investment.

Take a look at our table of annual charges.

To see what you might pay for the funds you are interested in, click on our charges calculator below.

Charges calculator

The value of advice

There’s lots of choice out there and making decisions about investing can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly in the current climate, so it could help to speak to an investment professional.

If you’re ill, you go to the doctors, if you’re moving house, you speak to a solicitor. We use experts for a whole range of important decisions that impact our lives, so why should our investments be any different? Your investments need to be the right fit for your personal circumstances and long-term aims.

There's lots of research to show that advice works and, adds real value to people’s financial circumstances in the long run.

If you don’t already have a financial adviser, you can visit a financial adviser search website such as or

MoneyHelper provides details on how to obtain financial advice on its website. They have also launched a free online tool ‘Money Navigator’ which is designed to help people navigate their finances, such as in the wake of COVID-19, and to avoid financial issues worsening in future.

For more information and useful contacts see our Get financial advice page.

Whichever fund(s) you choose for your ISA and however you’d like to invest, there’s no substitute for experience. When you invest with M&G, you benefit from our size, scale and nearly 100 years of expertise in the investment industry.

We have a range of 50 funds to help you achieve your goals across different asset classes including equities (shares in a company), bonds, property and multi-asset.

Choosing the right mix of asset classes

Find out more about the different asset classes available to you.

Choosing a fund

View the funds available in the Fund Centre.

At M&G, understanding is at the heart of what we do. We have a range of helpful guides that explain investing more generally and the different asset classes available. They aim to help you broaden your investment knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of your investment choices.

Latest investment articles

Invest by phone

Call our Investment Helpline on 0800 389 8600 from 08:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday and from 09:00 to 13:00 on Saturday*.


Remember to have your M&G Client Reference to hand if you’re already an M&G customer, and your National Insurance number for new ISA investments. You’ll also need your debit card**.


*All calls are free within the UK. For your security and to improve the quality of our service we may record and monitor telephone calls.


**We accept Maestro, MasterCard Debit, Visa Debit & Visa Delta debit cards.

Invest by post

If topping up your ISA please download the M&G ISA Direct Debit/Additional Contribution Form. You will need to complete a new M&G ISA application form if one full tax year has elapsed since your last M&G ISA subscription.


If you would like to invest in a Junior ISA please download the M&G Junior ISA Application Form. If you’re topping up a Junior ISA please download the M&G Junior ISA Direct Debit/Additional Contribution Form.


Send your completed form to us at:

M&G Securities Limited

PO Box 9039


CM99 2XG

Before investing please ensure you read the Important Information for Investors document and the relevant Key Investor Information Document (KIID(s)), Prospectus and Costs and charges illustration for the funds you would like to invest in. 

The value and income from a fund’s assets will go down as well as up. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invested.

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