About us

Who we are

We’re a leading savings and investments business, caring for customers for over 170 years. Ever since we were founded as a loans and life assurance company in 1848, we’ve sought to bring wealth within reach of as many people as possible by helping them access our products.

As part of the M&G plc family, all our brands are united by our purpose to help people manage and grow their savings and investments, responsibly.

What we do

Being experts in retirement solutions means we have a range of products and services, to help people towards their financial goals. By providing ways to help our customers manage and potentially grow their money, we help them live the life they want in retirement. And by showing them how and where their money is invested, customers can choose to make their world a little better.

Our PruFund products aim to smooth some of the short term ups and downs of the stock market. And we have a range of these funds designed to meet different customers’ needs for risk and return, as well as enabling them to consider how and where they invest for the future. 

Creating a sustainable future

We’re dedicated to acting responsibly in everything we do. Guided by our core values of care and integrity, we want to help create a more positive future, not just for our customers and the financial advisers we work with, but for our planet, society and the next generation too.

We're weaving sustainability into everything we do by making commitments to:

  • Reduce our operational emissions and set an example with our corporate sustainability practices
  • Investing in privately owned enterprises tackling environmental and social challenges across the globe
  • Ending investment in thermal coal in developed countries by 2030 and by 2040 in developing countries
  • Continuing to develop innovative new funds to meet the growing needs of our clients and customers.

We’re a financially strong company and comply with EU standards of solvency. Read more about our solvency and financial position.

How we look after you 

Protection for you

We’re part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The scheme is set-up to protect you. 

When things go wrong

We want to build a long-term relationship with you. But sometimes things do go wrong. See the complaints we've dealt with when that happens.

Our financial strength

We have an A+ rating for financial strength from Standard & Poors*. 

Engagement policy

We actively engage with the companies in which we invest in order to create the best investment outcomes for our customers. 

Who we are 

How our business works

We provide long-term savings and protection products to customers. 

Our history

We’ve been helping people since 1848. Back then, it was life assurance and loans for professional people.

Our group

Prudential is a group of many parts. See all our companies and their registration numbers.