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Prudential is committed to providing the most appropriate digital content for all customers on whichever device they choose to view our content on. We are continuing to work hard to make our site accessible to everyone and to provide ongoing enhancements to our digital estate to make them more user friendly.

Our website has been designed with a diverse range of users in mind because we want to make sure our information is easily accessible to everyone.

We know that people visit our website using a range of different devices. To help make the experience more enjoyable on whatever device you choose to use, we have taken a number of steps to provide you with the information you seek in a way that’s most appropriate for you. These steps include increasingly making our digital information adapt to provide the best experience, whatever device you choose to view it on.

Accessibility guidelines

Our website has been developed following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Version 2 (WCAG2), published by International Standards Organisation W3C. We meet most of the requirements for their Level A criteria as well as many from both Level AA and some at Level AAA, including:

  • Using meaningful ALT (alternative) text for all images to provide a description
  • Using descriptive hyperlink text
  • Providing navigational shortcuts for users of text-only browsers and page readers
  • Using an easy-to-see web colour scheme
  • Using an easy to read font type, size and colour

We're always keen to improve and are actively taking steps to increase our level of accessibility.

More ways to contact us

If you are a deaf customer and a British Sign Language user, you can now contact us using a video relay service provided by SignVideo. This allows you to connect to a fully qualified and registered interpreter who will relay your conversation with a member of our team. The information on the SignVideo page will help you get set up using the service.

If you need something sent to you in large print, braille or audio please contact us on 0800 000 000 and we’ll organise this for you.

PDF Documents

To read PDF documents you will need to download Adobe reader. All our PDFs are currently made using Adobe 9 software.

Pop-up windows

Pop-up windows are used throughout the site for help windows, PDF files and some online tools. Where links open in new windows this is made explicit.


We have tried to use meaningful terms for link names instead of the term 'click here' so you know where a link will take you when using assistive technologies, without the need to click on it.


All images contain alternative text which describes the content of the image for those using assistive technologies.


JavaScript’s are small programmes built into web pages to add extra features such as form validation and are used in certain areas of the site, especially the secure areas. Most browsers support JavaScript, however if yours does not, you will not be able to access certain interactive areas of the site like PruMail or some online tools such as calculators.


Navigating a website is about getting you to the information you seek as easily as possible. For those using screen readers, we have provided hidden navigation links at the top of each page that allow you to skip directly to the main content, helping you to easily navigate within our site.

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