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The quickest way to get information about your policy and contact us

Our online service allows you to manage your policy online at a time to suit you. If you’re not already registered it’s easy to do and only takes five minutes – all you need is your policy number.

The online service is available for most of our products but there are a small number not currently available online. These are listed on the registration page.

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Once registered you can get in touch with us through our secure message service. You can access this through your online account by clicking on ‘Messages’. It’s quick and easy to use and you can ask or request anything you’d otherwise do by calling us.

Review and manage your plan online

You can log into our Online Service to check the value of your policy, change your personal information and preferences, view important documents and send us secure messages. You'll be able to see all the products you have with us and do what you need to quickly and easily.

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