Find out whether your old policy is now with Prudential

Over time, companies merge and circumstances change, which can make keeping track of older policies difficult – whether they belong to you or a family member.

So to find out whether Prudential now looks after your policy, we've listed the former companies we've taken responsibility for. If one of them matches the documentation you have, get in touch and we'll be able to help you.

Former companies Prudential (Life & Pension) is now responsible for:

  • Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Company
  • Vavasseur Life Assurance Company Limited
  • Vanbrugh Life Assurance Limited
  • Greville Insurance (life assurance)
  • British Widows Assurance Company Limited
  • Equitable – with-profits annuities only

Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Company

Policies from Scottish Amicable may include one of these logos:

Vanbrugh Life Assurance Limited

Policies from Vanbrugh may include this logo:

Further information

If the name on your policy isn't here and you need to look up other companies, you may want to look at the list from The Association of British Insurers (ABI).

What to do if you find a match

If one of the companies above matches your paperwork, you can call us on 0800 000 000 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (GMT).

If you are calling from outside the UK, call (+)44 1786 448844.

You can also write to us at: Customer Service Centre, Prudential, Lancing, BN15 8GB.