After you’ve notified us of a death - what happens next?

We want to help and support you as best we can, because we know this can be a difficult time. So here's a snapshot of what you can expect and what we'll do, after you’ve notified us of a death.

The process

We'll review the information you've provided

Once you've notified us of a death, our bereavement team will review the information you've provided. Depending on the type of product the deceased had, this review could take some time.

We'll be in touch

Once we’ve reviewed the information you’ve provided, we'll contact you in writing or by phone, either with a decision or a request for more information and documentation.

We may need further information

In some cases, we may need to request further information and/or documentation. If so, we’ll write to tell you what we need and in some cases provide a ‘Claim form’ for you to fill in. Completing the form as thoroughly and as accurately as you can will help to keep things moving as quickly as possible and ensure the correct outcome.

Evaluation (if required)

Where a 'Claim form' has been issued or we’ve requested further information and/or documentation, once returned to us, we'll look into the further information provided to help us reach a decision.

Depending on the situation or circumstances of the deceased's estate or passing, this could be a lengthy process, but we’ll aim to reach a decision as quickly as we can.

Payment and closure

Once a decision has been reached, we'll issue payment via bank transfer or cheque to the appropriate party/parties.

Useful information

We understand that taking care of the necessary formalities while you're grieving is a lot to manage. Mourning a loss can make even the smallest tasks seem overwhelming and difficult. So we want to help. Below are some useful documents and links to support you through this process.

‘Tell Us Once’ service

Use the Government's 'Tell Us Once' service to inform several government bodies of a death, in one go. This service will inform HMRC, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Passport Office, the DVLA, local councils and more.


If you need to speak to someone who understands.

Practical help

If you need more help with financial questions.