Prudential Income Choice Annuity

Your Income Choice Annuity provides a regular income for life, but the amount of income isn't guaranteed.

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Registering for our Online Service is easy and only takes five minutes. You'll need your policy number, postcode and date of birth. Your policy number will be on any letter we've sent you.

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Register or log in to our Online Service to update your UK bank or building society details.

You won't be able to change any foreign bank details with our online service, so please contact us.

Register or log in to our Online Service to update your UK bank or building society details.

To change your name, we’ll need a signed letter from you with details of your previous name and your new name. We’ll also need one of the following original documents: a Marriage Certificate, Civil Partnership Certificate, Decree Absolute, Final Order or a Deed Poll.

Please send the letter, including your policy number, to Prudential, Lancing, BN15 8GB. We’ll return your document to you straight away.

We understand that you may be going through a difficult time and so we want to make dealing with us as simple as possible

If someone has passed away, let us know by completing our online form or by calling us.

Our online form is quick and easy to complete and we will send you confirmation of its submission straight away.

Log in to our Online Service where you will find a copy of your end of year tax certificate (P60) in the Document area. It'll be available about one week after the end of the tax year.

Unless you advise us to stop sending paper copies we will send you a copy of your P60 by 31 May each year.

If you're thinking about changing your income on your Income Choice Annuity then please read this information before making any income change decision.

Change your income on your Income Choice Annuity.

Your income can change each year depending on the options you’ve selected and the performance of our With-Profits Fund. We'll write to you around seven weeks prior to your policy anniversary to let you know how your income is affected and any options available to you.

If your regular income amount changes by more than £10.00 at any other time we'll also let you know.

Your annuity income may have changed due to a change in tax code or to the payment amount before any tax or deductions are taken (gross payment).

If you were not expecting this to change, please contact us.

To query a tax code you’ll need to contact HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

HMRC will notify us of any tax code changes whenever they issue a new code to you.

You'll need your National Insurance number and your policy number. If HMRC ask for our tax district and reference number (or PAYE reference), you'll find them on your end of year tax certificate (P60).

Yes, you can normally change your Income Choice Annuity to a Prudential Guaranteed Pension Annuity (GPA), on your policy anniversary.

Your Prudential Guaranteed Pension Annuity income may be lower or higher after you've switched, and you won't be able to switch back.

Your Income Choice Annuity is linked to the With-Profits Fund. Read about our Principles and Practices of Financial Management and Your With-Profits Plan Guide

Find out more about the With-Profits Sub Fund and the additional money we shared in 2020, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Find out more about our most recent declared Smoothed Returns

The Income Choice Annuity Smoothed Return 2024 Bonus Declaration flyer shows the bonuses we have declared this year. The effect this has on your income will be shown in your annual statement. 

 You can also look at our Smoothed Return Announcement for more information.

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