A smoothed investment experience, aiming for long term returns

The benefits of our Risk Managed PruFund funds

Investing in the Risk Managed PruFunds gives you a combination of an established smoothing process, investments from around the world and expert fund managers.

Watch our video, where you’ll learn more about where PruFund invests, including real examples of the types of companies it invests in (11 mins).

Our Risk Managed PruFunds;

  • Spread the risk of your investment over a number of different types of investments such as cash, bonds, property and shares
  • Pool money from all investors – giving you greater buying power and also means you can access investments you couldn't as an individual
  • Prudential’s PruFunds aim to grow your money over the medium to long term (5-10 years) with a view to providing you with a smoother investment journey. That's thanks to our smoothing mechanism and multi-asset approach, spreading the risk to your investment, which can help provide more stable returns.
  • Are part of Prudential’s With-Profits fund, one of the largest With-Profits funds in the UK.
  • Risk Managed PruFunds aim to avoid harming the planet.

Where the Risk Managed PruFunds invest

When you invest in the Risk Managed PruFunds, you’ll be investing across the world, in hundreds of companies providing a truly diverse range of funds, with the aim of avoiding harm to the planet.

As well as offering a smoothed investment experience, our range of funds aim to avoid harming the planet while looking to provide competitive returns. When our experts look for places to invest your money, they aim to meet certain criteria. We aim to exclude investments in controversial weapons or gambling and companies that violate the United Nations Global Compact on human rights and anti-corruption.

They also look at three important factors when considering investments. These are environmental factors things that help society and companies with robust controls (governance), these are known as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations.

In the UK;

  • The General Industrial sector, which can include producers of anything from electronic components, to aluminium cans, to packaging and paper
  • The Banking sector, which mainly focuses on high street banks and financial services like loans
  • And the Utilities sector, including Gas, Water and other essential services

And here are some examples of companies you might have heard of that PruFund currently has shares in;

UK AstraZeneca                                          
  Pearson PLC
  Weir Group
Europe Orsted
Asia LG Corp
Japan East Japan Railway


The PruFund Risk Managed range;

We have five Risk Managed PruFunds, designed to suit different attitudes to risk and reward. They all benefit from our established smoothing mechanism and are aimed at investors looking to invest for 5-10 years.

Your Adviser will discuss your needs in terms of the level of Risk and rewards you are willing and able to take.

How can I invest in Risk Managed PruFund Funds?

Our Risk Managed funds are currently available through our Retirement Account, Bonds and ISA. If you are interested in learning more about our Risk Managed PruFunds and how you can invest, please speak to your financial adviser.

If you don’t already have an adviser you can contact a financial adviser.

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