PruFund - a guide to pricing adjustments

Unit Price Adjustments

25th November 2023

The PruFund Smoothed Price reflects the value of the fund; and each day the Smoothed Unit Price is increased by the relevant Expected Growth Rate (EGR).  This is a yearly rate and it’s our estimate of how we think the fund will perform over the long term (10 years plus), but it’s not a guarantee of future performance.

There will be periods over the shorter term where the actual performance of the assets (such as Equities, Commercial Property, Bonds, and Cash) in the fund differ from the EGR being applied; when this happens your unit price will be adjusted to bring the smoothed value back in line with the value of the assets (we call these Unit Price Adjustments or UPAs). UPAs can either be up or down and are applied to make sure everyone invested in the fund gets their fair share. 

For detailed information on how unit price adjustments and smoothing works, please read a guide to smoothing

At the last review on 25th November there were no Unit Price Adjustments made to any of the PruFunds. 

If you have any questions we would recommend that you speak to your financial adviser.

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