M&G Wealth Platform - PruFund Expected Growth Rates and Unit Price Adjustments

The PruFund range of funds aim to grow your money over the medium to long term (5 to 10 years or more), while protecting you from some of the short-term ups and downs of direct stockmarket investments by using an established smoothing process. This means that while you won’t benefit from the full upside of any potential stockmarket rises you won’t suffer from the full effects of any downfalls either.

The table below shows the current and historic EGR (gross of all product charges) and Unit Price Adjustments (UPA), correct as at 25 November 2022 (unless otherwise indicated).

M&G Wealth Platform Expected Growth Rate (%) Historic Expected Growth Rate Historic Unit Price Adjustments
From To EGR (%) Date Type Of Adjustment UPA (%)
Prudential PruFund Planet 1 Combined Shape 6.10 25-11-2022 Present 6.10 25-11-2022 End +0.14~
25-08-2022 24-11-2022 5.30 25-10-2022 End -2.77
30-05-2022 24-08-2022 4.70 26-09-2022 End -3.12
Prudential PruFund Planet 2 Combined Shape 6.50 25-11-2022 Present 6.50 25-11-2022 End +0.14~
25-08-2022 24-11-2022 5.70 25-10-2022 End -2.71
30-05-2022 24-08-2022 5.10 26-09-2022 End -3.03
Prudential PruFund Planet 3 Combined Shape 7.00 25-11-2022 Present 7.00 25-11-2022 End +0.12~
25-08-2022 24-11-2022 6.20 25-10-2022 End -2.79
30-05-2022 24-08-2022 5.60 26-09-2022 End -2.89
Prudential PruFund Planet 4 Combined Shape 7.20 25-11-2022 Present 7.20 25-11-2022 End +0.08~
25-08-2022 24-11-2022 6.40 25-10-2022 End -2.90
30-05-2022 24-08-2022 5.80 26-09-2022 End -2.79
Prudential PruFund Planet 5 Combined Shape 7.50 25-11-2022 Present 7.50 25-11-2022 End +0.08~
25-08-2022 24-11-2022 6.70 25-10-2022 End -2.98
30-05-2022 24-08-2022 6.10 26-09-2022 End -3.04

Important information

~This adjustment is to correct the price following a previous pricing error.

The EGRs are set at each quarter and may be higher, the same, or lower than those applying at the start of the investment.

In addition, there may be times where the unit price may be adjusted which will impact the growth that you may receive. The value of an investment can go down as well as up and the value in the future may be less than the amount invested. For the range of PruFund funds, what you receive will depend on the value of the underlying investments, the Expected Growth Rates as set by the Prudential Directors, our charges, the smoothing process, if there is a guarantee and when you take your money out. PruFund Protected Funds are currently closed to new investments.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. Please remember that the value of your investment can go down as well as up and there is still the potential that you may not get back the amount you put in.

Please read the How we manage our With-Profits fund page for more information on how the EGRs and UPAs work.

We're not recommending one option over another or providing advice.