Current scams and fraud

Like many firms we've seen an increase in the number of investment scams, with fraudsters impersonating well-known brands like Prudential or other legitimate firms claiming they are acting on our behalf.

Find out about some of the current investment scams that have been reported to us and other information about security and scams.

How to check our emails, letters or research calls are genuine

You may have received a communication from us and you’re not sure it’s genuine. To find out more about the letters and emails we may send you and the customer research we undertake go to our Security and scams page.

If you still feel you’ve had a suspicious communication, please call using our Contact us page. Alternatively send an email to M&

What to do if your personal information has been compromised

If you think your personal information has been compromised we can suggest steps to protect both yourself and any products you may have with us. Please call using our Contact us page or send an email to M&

What to do if you think you’ve made a payment to a fraudster

If you think you’ve made a payment from your own bank account to a fraudster, contact your bank immediately and then report the matter to the police or the UK’s national fraud reporting centre.

Please also email details to M& or, contact our fraud team on 0207 004 8888. We’ll do everything we can to stop a scam, but it’s your bank and the police that will normally help retrieve any payment.

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Current Investment Scams

Investment scams are a form of fraud where there’s a high risk that you could lose some, or all, of your money.