About the research and surveys we conduct

We may contact you for research or survey purposes

To help understand your opinions on the quality of the products and service that we offer, we work with trusted independent market research partners. The surveys we do are by email, phone or by SMS depending on the contact information we hold for you.

It’s important to highlight that if you’ve been contacted about completing research for us, we’ll never ask for your policy number, your login information or your bank details.

The companies that we work with to complete research and surveys are:

You can also verify most of these companies through the Market Research’s professional trade body at the Market Research Society website.

If you've received an email about research it may be related to one of our ongoing satisfaction or relationship surveys. If it comes from the following email address, it is genuine:

If you get a call from one of our research partners and you don't want to take part or you'd like to opt-out, please let them know and your preferences will be updated.

If you’ve got concerns about any other research or surveys, please contact us or email the details to MandGFraud@mandg.com.

We run customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that we continue to offer high standards of customer care. We analyse the data and prioritise product and service improvements based on customer feedback.

We work with external partners to carry out customer research surveys on our behalf. We don’t share any policy information with our research partners and your responses are collected for research purposes only. You’ll not be contacted for marketing or sales as a result of these surveys.

We’ll use your answers to understand how satisfied you are with the service that you receive from us. We may link your answers to the details we hold about you on our databases. This means that when we look at customer responses as a whole, we’ll be able to identify any products or areas of the customer experience that could benefit from improvement. The data collected in this survey will not be used to contact you in the future for marketing purposes.

For a copy of our Data Protection Notice which explains: how and why we use your personal information (including any sensitive personal information), who we may share it with and your rights around your personal information - visit our mydata page.

If you’ve opted out of marketing, you may still be contacted for legitimate market research purposes under GDPR.

If you’ve received a survey and you’d like to opt out of future research, please

  • click the opt-out link at the bottom of the email invitation,
  • follow the instructions to opt-out of SMS on the message you received, or
  • if you’ve been contacted by phone, let the call handler know.
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