My Data

Welcome to My Data – everything you need to know about how and why we use your personal information (including any sensitive personal information), who we might share it with and your rights when it comes to your personal information. 

Protecting you – How we use and manage your personal information

We give security the highest priority – we’ve always taken real care about how we look after your personal information. We're very strict about how we use it, and we make sure we comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

You might give us your personal information when you apply for one of our products or services, phone us, email us or register to use the MyPru or MyView websites. The personal information that you give us will only be used by Prudential and sometimes by our business and marketing partners. More information about this can be found in the My Data Protection Notice section below.

We'll always look after your personal information, that's why we make these promises to you now and always:

  • We promise to value your privacy and treat your personal information as if it was our own
  • We'll carefully protect all your personal information
  • We won't sell your personal data to anyone else
  • We'll only contact you about things we think are relevant and of benefit to you

The section below helps find the data protection notice relevant to your policy.

It also gives you information if you’re not the policyholder but you’re letting us know about something relating to the policy, such as a bereavement. Please note, if the policy has a Trustee, Executor or Personal Legal Representative, we may also share or receive information from them in addition to the information we set out in the Non policyholder's data protection notice.

My data protection notice (also known as fair collection notice or privacy notice)

The purpose of data protection notices is to ensure you fully understand:

    a) how we use your personal information,
    b) who we may share it with and
    c) the different rights you have around how we process your personal information.

It's really simple to find the right data protection notice for your policy - just answer the 2 questions below by selecting from the drop down and you'll be given a link to click that'll take you straight to the right data protection notice.

A couple of things to note before finding your data protection notice:

1) Do you have more than one policy with us?

Then please repeat the process for each policy type as there may be slight differences on who processes your personal information.

2) Do you have a policy with one of our Trusted Partners e.g. Churchill (Direct Line Group), Link Financial Investments Limited or Yorkshire Building Society? 

Then we've provided a link to their data protection notice that's right for your policy. 

How did you purchase your policy?

What type of product do you have?

What type of product do you have?

What type of product do you have?

What type of product do you have?

What type of product do you have?

Non policyholder / Notifiers

If you’re not the policyholder and you’re letting us know about something to do with the policy, such as a bereavement, you should refer to the Non policyholder / Notifiers option below.

Specific processing data protection notices 

Online Notices 

As well as the data protection notices, we have more information about the privacy and security of our site on the following pages: