WS Prudential Risk Managed Active & Passive funds

Multi-Asset funds work by spreading your money across a number of different types of assets, this is known as asset allocation. They can include a range of investment options, such as company shares (equities), fixed interest bonds, cash and property - from both the UK and abroad.

The M&G Treasury and Investment Office (T&IO) is our team of in-house investment strategists and manager of managers. They set the asset allocation for all of our Multi-Asset funds. T&IO has great strength in depth with a team that includes investment professionals with expertise in capital market research, investment strategy design, liability management, derivatives and portfolio management. 

M&G Investment Management Ltd are the investment managers for the WS Prudential Risk Managed Active and Risk Managed Passive Funds. They make the relevant adjustments to the portfolios based on T&IO recommendations. By investing in a number of different assets, the fund manager aims to balance the risk that is being taken. So if one asset is falling in value then another may be increasing. Of course, there could be times when all the assets in the fund are either rising or falling in value depending on the market conditions at that time. 

An important point to remember is that the value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you put in. 

Our Risk Managed Active funds

An actively managed fund is one where a manager or a management team makes decisions about how to invest the fund's money. We offer a range of five risk-rated portfolios to help you target different levels of risk and potential return that suit your needs: 

  • Prudential Risk Managed Active 1

  • Prudential Risk Managed Active 2

  • Prudential Risk Managed Active 3

  • Prudential Risk Managed Active 4

  • Prudential Risk Managed Active 5

Our Risk Managed Passive funds

Passive funds aim to produce a return as close as possible to a given market or index. We offer a range of five risk-rated portfolios to help you target different levels of risk and potential return that suit your needs: 

  • Prudential Risk Managed Passive 1

  • Prudential Risk Managed Passive 2

  • Prudential Risk Managed Passive 3

  • Prudential Risk Managed Passive 4

  • Prudential Risk Managed Passive 5

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Our PruFund range of funds

Find out about our expected growth rates and information on smoothing for the PruFund range of funds available.

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