Retirement planning

You might be looking to start a pension, pay more into your pension plan or understand more about your options for retirement – wherever you are in your retirement journey, we’re here to support you.

Here you’ll find information about pensions, planning ahead to ensure that you’re on track and how to access your pension when the time comes.

Getting help to make the right decisions for you

The planning and lead up to your retirement can be daunting and you’ll have lots of decisions to make.

I want to learn the pension basics

Pensions can be a good way to save for your retirement and provide a way to support you financially in the future.

Saving for retirement in your younger years

You might not think saving is necessary now, but saving when you're younger can help make your retirement as stress free as possible.

Saving for retirement in your 50s

By the time you get to your 50s and beyond, you might have retirement savings across a mixture of different personal and company pensions.

Check I’m on track for retirement

Looking towards your retirement can be a nice daytime distraction but it can be a daunting thought. Planning ahead and getting ready will help ensure you’re on track for the financial future you want.

Access my pension

From age 55, there are three main ways you can take your money: Take tax-free money first, take a combination of tax-free and taxable money or take a guaranteed income for life.

Combine my pensions

Combining your pensions, sometimes referred to as pension consolidation, means combining some or all of your pension pots into one, which you can do at any time.

Approaching retirement with a Prudential pension

Here you'll find important information you'll receive if you have a pension product with us.

Information about my Prudential pension

The quickest and easiest way to access information about your Prudential Pension is via your Online Service. If you're not already registered, it’s easy and only takes five minutes.

Existing customers

Help for existing customers

Information and help with your existing products.

Online service

Find out more about our available pension products to help you plan for retirement.

More information

Prudential Retirement Account

Find out more about our available pension product to help you plan for retirement.

Pensions through your employer

Find out more about our Additional Voluntary Contribution schemes and how we manage your pension.

Looking to take your pension?

Whether you’re facing some tough decisions now or you want to think about your future plans, financial advice can make a real difference.

If you don't already have a financial adviser, you can find one on the website

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