Our investment fund range

We offer a range of funds to help meet your investment goals. We've put together the guides below to help you choose the ones that may suit you. Remember that with any investment, the value can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you put in.

If you'd like specific fund price information, please see our funds section.

PruFund range of funds

Our customers choose to invest in PruFund for a number of reasons. Find out more.

Prudential Risk Managed funds

Funds that give you access to a combination of experts.


PruFund performance

View the expected and historic growth rates of our range of PruFund funds for each of our investment products.


Spread investment risk and get potential bonuses along the way

Prudential Multi-Asset funds

Funds that invest in a diverse range of assets such as shares, fixed interest and property

Open-ended Investment Companies

These funds are a good way for smaller investors to enjoy the power of big institutional investors

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Key Information Documents and Investment Option Documents library

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Worried about investing in uncertain times?

No one can predict what is going to happen and it is understandable to worry about losing money on your investments. This is why it’s more important than ever to consider financial advice, it really can make a big difference to your money. A financial adviser will recommend ways to make your money work harder and find the right investments for you. 

If you already have a financial adviser please speak directly to them. If you don’t and would like help with your investments you can speak to one of our advisers. We offer a restricted advice service.


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