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Solutions for a wide range of Intergenerational Planning needs

Over the years, we’ve built up a diverse range of trusts, bonds and investments that cater for the needs of both the current – and future generations.

Adviser client solution finder 

In this section you’ll find many of our financial solutions grouped by client need. Click on the solution link to get all the information you need. Or speak to your Account Manager. 

Typical client needs: 

  • Ringfencing capital cost-effectively 
  • High Net Worth tax planning 

Typical client needs: 

  • Leaving a legacy 
  • Pensions with nominees
  • Ringfencing capital
  • IHT mitigation 

Typical client needs: 

  • Planning for school and university costs 
  • Saving for an event (eg wedding, mortgage deposit) 
  • Planning for later life care (clients or their parents) 


Typical client needs: 

  • Investing
  • Tax-efficiency
  • Building a nest-egg for future generations 

Typical client needs: 

  • Utilisation of allowances for all family members
  • Optimising your legacy
  • Trusts that permit capital growth and income 

Typical client needs: 

  • Building up a deposit
  • Utilisation of family-wide allowances

Fund Solutions for every generation 

Over the years, families have turned to our fund solutions to look after their families’ futures.

Today, the performance of our range of passive, active and smoothed fund solutions is driven by the Treasury & Investment Office (T&IO), one of the UK’s largest and best resourced multi-asset investment managers. With £178bn in AUM they are leaders in asset selection and allocation, the key driver of performance. 

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