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Learn about our investment products. The value of any investment can go down as well as up so your customer might get back less than they put in.

Our Products

Prudential Investment Plan

The Prudential Investment Plan is a single premium investment bond that allows your clients to invest in a wide range of funds.

  • Access to our Multi-Asset Fund range
  • Full, partial and regular withdrawals
  • Flexible access to the investment
  • Free Fund Switching
  • Tax-efficient withdrawals
  • Annual Management Charge discounts
  • Guarantees available

Prudential ISA

The Prudential ISA, provided by Link Financial Investments Ltd, combines tax-efficient investment with access to the PruFund funds and Open-Ended Investment Company (OEIC) funds.

  • Tax-efficient growth
  • Access PruFund range of funds
  • Invest in a range of OEIC funds
  • Full, partial and regular withdrawals
  • Low minimum investment
  • No fixed term

International Portfolio Bond

The International Portfolio Bond is a single premium investment bond that allows your clients to invest in a wide range of funds.

  • Wide range of investment choice
  • Tax benefits
  • Access to PruFund Range of Funds
  • Flexibility for your client to choose the number of policies for their bond

Prudential International Investment Bond

The Prudential International Investment Bond has the potential for good returns while minimising any tax liability.

  • Tax advantages of a Dublin-based bond
  • Wide choice of risk-based funds
  • Full, partial and regular withdrawals
  • Choice of currency options
  • Inheritance Tax planning options

Prudential International Investment Portfolio

The Prudential International Investment Portfolio offers your clients a wide range of investment choices, combined with international taxation benefits.

  • Wide choice of funds
  • Tax advantages of a Dublin-based bond
  • Tax-efficient products
  • Full, partial and regular withdrawals
  • Three flexible charging options

Prudence Inheritance Bond

The Prudence Inheritance Bond is a discounted gift plan with the potential to reduce your clients' liability to Inheritance Tax and offers the opportunity for gifted capital to grow while they take income.

  • Potential to reduce estate value for Inheritance Tax purposes
  • Potential Income Tax benefits
  • A natural income stream
  • Tax-efficient withdrawals
  • Tax-efficiency on death
  • Opportunity for long-term capital growth

OEIC Fund Range

The Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) range of funds, operated by Link Fund Solutions Limited, offers your clients access to funds that invest in a range of different asset types and risk appetites to help meet their needs.

  • Choose from 10 OEIC funds
  • Switch funds at any time
  • Invest from £500 lump sum and/or £50 each month
  • Free withdrawals

Prudential Onshore Portfolio Bond

The Prudential Onshore Portfolio Bond combines the advantages of a wide choice of assets from a platform with the taxation and trust benefits of an onshore bond.

  • Comprehensive investment choice
  • Inheritance Tax planning options
  • Tax benefits
  • Trust planning
  • Investment flexibility of a platform