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Investment Solutions for life

Manage money with a distinct approach that delivers stability through broad diversification aiming to achieve long-term investment growth for your clients, for life.

How we manage money - one past, many futures

The M&G Treasury & Investment Office (T&IO) is a team of around 60 people, with specialist expertise in asset allocation, portfolio management, manager research and investment risk oversight.

T&IO manage around £150bn of assets (at 30.06.23) for UK and European investors, predominantly in multi-asset portfolios.

The investment philosophy and asset allocation strategy supports the range of investment solutions, multi-asset and discretionary:

A forward looking view of what assets represent best value.


Long-term approach to investing, over a 5-10 year investment horizon that looks through short-term volatility.


Diversification across asset classes and geographies that continue to evolve as markets and opportunities develop.

Active portfolio management, generates returns from a number of sources.

ESG principles and beliefs are integrated into investment decisions.

Risk appetite, ensuring each fund has an appropriate risk/return profile.

Solutions for you and your clients


Designed to navigate uncertainty, PruFund aims to grow your client's money over the long-term (5-10 years or more), while protecting them from extreme short-term market volatility by using an established smoothing process.


The PruFund range of funds are PruFund Growth, PruFund Cautious, Risk Managed PruFunds and PruFund Planet. 


✓    A choice of multi-asset funds available

✓    Actively managed 

✓    Established smoothing process

✓    Sustainable option available

✓    Access through packaged retirement and investment products and the M&G Wealth Platform


The PruFolio risk managed range of funds have been constructed to achieve the right mix for your client’s portfolio with a balance of cost, investment styles and a choice of five risk levels.


There are two ranges Risk Managed Active and Risk Managed Passive*. The funds are available across a wide range of platforms.


✓    Choice of 10 risk managed funds

✓    Two investment styles

✓    Five risk profiles

Model Portfolio Service

Provide your clients with a cost-effective way to invest while benefiting from active management, diversification, and ESG options. There are 3 ranges of portfolios to suit different risk appetites and preferences for different investment styles.


The ranges are Passive, Hybrid and Global ESG Themes which are available on a wide range of platforms. 


✓    Globally diversified

✓    Active investment management

✓    Competitively priced

✓    Robust risk management

* M&G Investment Management Ltd are the investment managers for the WS Prudential Risk Managed Active and Risk Managed Passive Funds. They make the relevant adjustments to the portfolios based on T&IO recommendations.

M&G Wealth Platform

A broad and flexible proposition to meet your clients’ changing needs, with an online user experience that makes your business even more efficient.

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