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Manage money with a distinct approach that delivers stability through broad diversification aiming to achieve long-term investment growth for your clients, for life.

How we manage money - one past, many futures

The M&G Treasury & Investment Office (T&IO) is an independent team of around 50 people including investment professionals, with specialist expertise in asset allocation, portfolio management, manager research and investment risk oversight.

T&IO manage around £159bn of assets (at 30.06.22) for UK and European investors, predominantly in multi-asset portfolios.

The investment philosophy and asset allocation strategy is underpinned by core principles:

Forward-looking approach to asset allocation, focusing on future growth and value rather than past performance


Long-term approach to investing, that looks through short term volatility.


Diversification of asset classes and geographies, reducing risk and providing more opportunities to generate returns.

Active portfolio management, responding to market changes and keeping portfolios in shape

Focus on responsible investing and aware that ESG factors can materially influence investment outcomes

The philosophy supports the range of investment solutions, multi-asset funds and discretionary

Solutions for you and your clients


Designed to navigate uncertainty, PruFund aims to grow your client's money over the long-term (5-10 years or more), while protecting them from extreme short-term market volatility by using an established smoothing process.


The PruFund range of funds are PruFund Growth, PruFund Cautious, Risk Managed PruFunds and PruFund Planet. 


✓    A choice of multi-asset funds available

✓    Actively managed 

✓    Established smoothing process

✓    Sustainable option available 


The PruFolio risk managed range of funds have been constructed to achieve the right mix for your client’s portfolio with a balance of cost, investment styles and a choice of five risk levels.


There are two ranges Risk Managed Active and Risk Managed Passive. The funds are available across a wide range of platforms


✓    Choice of 10 risk managed funds

✓    Two investment styles

✓    Five risk profiles



Model Portfolio Service

Provide your clients with a cost-effective way to invest while benefiting from active management, diversification, and ESG options. There are 3 ranges of portfolios to suit different risk appetites and preferences for different investment styles.


The ranges are Passive, Hybrid and Global ESG Themes which are available on a wide range of platforms. 


✓    Globally diversified

✓    Active investment management

✓    Competitively priced

✓    Robust risk management

M&G Wealth Platform

A broad and flexible proposition to meet your clients’ changing needs, with an online user experience that makes your business even more efficient.

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