Access to the PruFund range of funds

With their unique smoothing mechanism and globally diversified multi-asset portfolios

Tax-efficient Withdrawals

Tax-efficient withdrawals of up to 5% of the investment each policy year for up to 20 years

Inheritance Tax Planning

Reduce your client's inheritance tax liability by placing the plan in trust

About the Prudential Investment Plan

Our Prudential Investment Plan is an investment bond that lets your clients invest their money in a range of different funds. The plan aims to grow the value of their investment over the medium to long term (5-10 years or more).

  • Your clients can start with a single payment and can then make additional lump sum payments if they want to.
  • Withdrawals can be made, and they can cash in their plan at any time.

  • Minimum initial investment: £10,000 (after any set-up Adviser Charges)
  • Maximum investment: £5 million (including initial investment and additional top-ups)

If your client would like to invest more, please contact your Account Manager.

Your clients can:

  • Cash in their plan at any time
  • Take regular or partial withdrawals at any time
  • Set the amount and frequency of regular withdrawals

The maximum level of regular withdrawals during any 12 month period is the greater of:

  • 7.5% a year of the value of the fund, or
  • 7.5% of the total amount paid into the plan

Your client can take up to 5% of their initial investment and any additional investments as a tax-deferred withdrawal each year. Anything above this may be liable to immediate Income Tax. Your client might need to pay tax depending on their circumstances and the options they choose. Tax rules can also change in the future.

All withdrawals are subject to a minimum withdrawal payment of £50.

Download the Key Features document for more information.

Key elements


  • UK resident
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • No maximum age limit

Life assured

  • Minimum age: three months
  • Maximum age: at outset, 85 years next birthday (for joint life cases at least one life must be less than age 85 when the plan is taken out) 


  • Access to Prudential’s Multi-Asset Fund range including the PruFund range of funds.

  • Guaranteed options on our PruFund Protected Funds help provide added security, at an extra cost.

  • Your clients can invest in up to 10 funds at any time and can switch money between the funds, with no switching charges.

  • Tax-efficient withdrawals of up to 5% of the investment each policy year for up to 20 years.

  • Discounts on the Annual Management Charge are available depending on the value of the investment.

  • Inheritance Tax planning options: A wide range of trust options available for use with the Prudential Investment Plan.
  • Return of Premium Death Benefit option, giving your client peace of mind that the return on death will always be at least the total amount invested (less any regular or partial withdrawals or any adviser charges), whatever the plan value at that time.
  • The plan provides a small amount of life cover with a basic death benefit of 100.1% of the fund value.


  • The value of any investment and any income taken from it can go down as well as up, so your client might get back less than they put in.
  • Your client might need to pay tax depending on their circumstances and the options they choose. Tax rules can also change in the future.

Key documents


Investment options

The Prudential Investment Plan offers  a wide range of investments for your clients to choose from, with access to Prudential’s Multi-Asset Fund range including the established PruFund range of funds. 

See the Prudential Investment Plan fund guide for more details on the funds available.   


Our range of globally diversified, expertly managed multi-asset solutions, offering the potential for growth. Their established smoothing mechanism aims to provide clients with a less volatile investment experience.

PruFund Growth

  • Aims to maximise growth
  • Currently invests in UK and International equities, property, fixed interest securities, index-linked securities and other specialist investments

PruFund Cautious

  • Aims for steady and consistent growth through a cautious approach to investing
  • Currently invests in UK and international equities, property, fixed interest securities, index-linked securities, cash and other specialist investments
  • We may occasionally move outside this range to meet the fund objectives

Risk-managed PruFunds

  • Five Risk Managed PruFunds
  • Each fund is designed to suit different attitudes to risk and reward
  • The funds aim to meet volatility ceiling limits, allowing us to manage their risk profile over time and align it closer to your clients risk assessment

PruFund guarantees

We offer guarantees for the PruFund Protected Cautious Fund. At the end of the selected guarantee term the fund will be worth at least the amount your client invested (subject to charges, enhancement or withdrawals). 

Risk Managed

The risk-managed range of funds aims to achieve the right mix for your client’s portfolio with a balance of cost, investment styles and a choice of five risk levels.

There are two ranges: Risk-Managed Active and Risk-Managed Passive. The funds are available across a wide range of platforms.

Risk Managed Active

  • A range of multi-asset, Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) funds
  • Fully-diversified actively managed
  • The funds invest across a broad range of asset classes, designed for medium to long-term investment (5-10 years or more)

Risk Managed Passive

  • A range of multi-asset, Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) funds
  • Offers a lower-cost investment option with the benefit of a multi-asset approach
  • The funds invest across a broad range of asset classes, designed for medium to long-term investment (5-10 years or more)

Other investment options

Access additional internally and externally managed funds, which offer a range of assets to suit differing client needs.

Find out more about fund availability.

Find out more about the performance of the funds.

Charges & costs

We take an Annual Management Charge for looking after your investment.

  • Unit-Linked Funds: we take an Annual Management Charge (AMC) from each of the funds your client invests in. The charge is taken daily as a deduction from the fund.
  • PruFund Funds: we take the AMC for these funds by deducting a percentage of those units from the plan every month.

There are other costs which aren't covered by the Annual Management Charge. These can include, for example, maintenance costs for property investments and costs associated with investing in infrastructure, such as utilities, transport and renewable energy. These can vary over time.

Further information on the charges and costs for each fund can be found in the appropriate Key Information Document and Investment Options Documents linked to at the top of this page. The Prudential Investment Plan fund guide also includes information on fund charges and costs.

We offer Fund Size Discounts on the Annual Management Charge which apply to the whole investment, not just the portion above the threshold levels shown below.

Assets Under Management (£)

Fund Size Discount From Annual Management Charge (%)

<24,999 0.30
25,000-49,999 0.35















Your clients can switch funds at any time, but can only invest in 10 funds at any time. We currently don’t charge for switching, but if this changes in the future, we’ll inform your clients. 

The minimum amount your clients can switch is £500. If they’re not switching the full value of their investment from a particular fund, they must leave at least £500 in that fund.    

Further details on fund switching can be found in the Fast Facts.

The PruFund Protected Growth Fund is currently unavailable to new investments.

We offer guarantee terms for both PruFund Protected Cautious Fund and PruFund Protected Growth Fund, where the guarantee will only apply at the end of the selected guarantee term (the guarantee date) providing your client doesn’t switch out of the funds.

Once the guarantee term has been selected, the charge will remain fixed throughout the guarantee term. The guarantee will only apply at the end of the selected guarantee term.

More details about charges can be found in The PruFund Range of Funds: Guarantee Options.

The level and shape of Adviser Charging is agreed between you and your client.

There are three types of Adviser Charges:

  • Set-up Adviser Charge: deducted from the initial investment before it is invested in the plan
  • Ongoing Adviser Charge: taken at plan level, will apply across all in-force segments
  • Ad hoc Adviser Charge: after the initial plan is set up, the client can request an ad hoc payment to be made to the adviser

Ongoing and ad hoc Adviser Charges affect the 5% annual withdrawal limit for Income Tax purposes.

Find out more about Adviser Charging in the Fast Facts document for the Prudential Investment Plan.

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