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Prudential Investment Plan

The Prudential Investment Plan is a single premium investment bond that allows your clients to invest in a wide range of funds.

  • Access to our Multi-Asset Fund range
  • Free fund switching
  • Full, partial and regular withdrawals
  • Tax-efficient withdrawals
  • Flexible access to the investment
  • Annual Management Charge discounts

Key Information Documents (KIDs)

See Key Information Documents below.

  • Access to Prudential’s Multi-Asset Fund range including the PruFund range of funds.
  • Guaranteed options on our PruFund Protected Funds help provide added security, at an extra cost. The PruFund Protected Growth Fund is currently unavailable to new investments.
  • Your clients can invest in up to 10 funds at any time and can switch money between the funds, with no switching charges.
  • Tax-efficient withdrawals of up to 5% of the investment each policy year for up to 20 years.
  • Discounts on the Annual Management Charge are available depending on the value of the investment.
  • Return of Premium Death Benefit option, giving your client peace of mind that the return on death will always be at least the total amount invested (less any regular or partial withdrawals or any adviser charges), whatever the plan value at that time.
  • The plan provides a small amount of life cover with a basic death benefit of 100.1% of the fund value.

The value of any investment and any income taken from it can go down as well as up so your customer might get back less than they put in.

Your client might need to pay tax depending on their circumstances and the options they choose. Tax rules can also change in the future.

Our Prudential Investment Plan is an investment bond that lets your clients invest their money in a range of different funds. The plan aims to grow the value of their investment over the medium to long-term (5-10 years).

The bond is set up as a group of identical segments, normally 20, available up to 100. Your clients can choose to cash in each policy separately, helping them withdraw money in a tax efficient way.

Your clients can start with a single payment and can then make additional lump sum payments if they want to.

Withdrawals can be made, and they can cash in their Plan at any time.

The main charges and costs will be:

  • Annual Management Charge
  • Charges for guarantees (where applicable)
  • Adviser charge (set up charge and ongoing charges)

We might change our charges in the future.


The level and shape of Adviser Charging is agreed between you and your client.

There are three types of Adviser Charges:

  • Set-up Adviser Charge: deducted from the initial investment before it is invested in the plan
  • Ongoing Adviser Charge: taken at plan level, will apply across all in-force segments
  • Ad hoc Adviser Charge: after the initial plan is set-up, the client can request an ad hoc payment to be made to the adviser

Ongoing and ad hoc Adviser Charges affect the 5% annual withdrawal limit for Income Tax purposes.

Find out more about Adviser Charging in the Fast Facts document (PDF) for the Prudential Investment Plan.