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OEIC Fund Range

The Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) range of funds, operated by Link Fund Solutions Limited, offers your clients access to funds that invest in a range of different asset types and risk appetites to help meet their needs.

  • Choose from 10 OEIC funds
  • Free withdrawals
  • Switch funds at any time
  • Invest from £500 lump sum and/or £50 each month

Link Fund Solutions documents

Some of the documents for the OEIC Fund Range, such as application forms, servicing forms and fund information documents, are only available on the Link Fund Solutions website.

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  • Prudential offer Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) funds which are operated by Link Fund Solutions Limited. They are legally responsible for all servicing and administration of the funds.
  • Your client can invest in up to 10 OEIC funds, covering different levels of potential risk and return, to create a mix which they are comfortable with. 
  • Your client can invest with as little as £500 initial investment or £50 a month. They can take withdrawals of £250 or more at any time.

Please remember that the value of your client's investment and any income from it can go down as well as up. They may not get back the amount they put in.


Open Ended Investment Company (OEIC) funds could be a good way to help your clients boost their purchasing power and build up their own portfolio of investments. 

  • OEIC funds pool investments with that of other investors and may allow your client to access asset types which may otherwise be difficult to invest in.
  • Investing in OEIC funds could offer the potential for long-term capital growth, income or a mixture of both.
  • No Capital Gains Tax is payable on any gains made by investments held within the fund.
  • Your client can invest in up to 10 OEIC funds, covering different levels of potential risk and return. They can invest in one or more funds to suit their own needs and appetite for risk, creating a mix which they are comfortable with.  


Your client can choose from 10 multi-asset funds. Each is a “fund of funds”, invested in a range of underlying funds and offering a simple solution to the challenge of selecting funds and diversifying across asset types.

M&G Treasury & Investment Office (T&IO) recommends the asset allocation for each fund. Link Fund Solutions Limited, as Authorised Corporate Director, ensures that these recommendations are in line with the funds’ objectives. M&G Investment Management Ltd (MAGIM), part of M&G plc, are the investment managers for the Prudential Risk Managed Funds. They make the asset allocations adjustments recommended by T&IO.

There are two main types of Adviser Charges:

  • Initial (set-up) adviser charge: agreed between you and your client as a % of initial investment; or a fixed monetary amount.
  • Ongoing Adviser Charge: agreed between you and your client as a % of total plan value or a specified monetary amount each year.

Ad hoc Adviser Charges are not available.

For more details on Adviser charging, see the Adviser Charging Guide