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ISA Costs and Charges Calculator

The MiFID II costs and charges rules require investment firms to give clients costs and charges disclosure for relevant investments.

We’ve come up with a calculator which does all the number crunching – so you don’t have to.

The MiFID II costs and charges disclosure documents can be found from the Link Group website via the PruAdviser website.

To assist you in the advice process we’ve created this handy calculator that can help you combine relevant information about the Prudential ISA, your advice charges, and view this in a single convenient document.

The Prudential ISA is provided by Link Financial Investments Limited which is the ISA Plan Manager. The LF Prudential OEIC funds are operated by Link Fund Solutions Limited.

  • This calculator also supports investment in the PruFund range of funds within the Prudential ISA.
  • This calculator is only to be used by financial advisers.
  • The outputs of this calculator are not an illustration and shouldn't be considered as advice.

Simple steps to use the costs and charges calculator

  • Add the proposed amount of investment in up to three funds - any combination of transfer, single and regular investment.

  • Choose the amounts going into the range of LF Prudential OEIC funds and/or PruFund funds, based on your client’s fund choices.

  • Add your adviser charges – in percentage or money terms – including frequency and duration.

  • View, copy & paste* or print specific sections to meet your disclosure requirements.

(* this facility is not fully supported by Internet Explorer)

Provides an estimate of costs and charges

  • It shows all costs and charges for each fund available within the Prudential ISA. 
  • You can compare the effect of charges for different funds and choose the right mix.
  • You can highlight the value of your advice and agree different charge options.

Clear results for reports

  • Easy to follow tables and explanations.
  • High level to lower level breakdown of costs and charges.
  • Select sections as required.

But before you start, we want to let you know…

The basis of the calculations

  • Fund information is provided by Prudential and Link Group.
  • The calculator is based on a maximum of three funds. If more funds are required, you would need to do separate calculations.
  • We show all cost categories, whether relevant to an individual fund or not. In certain cases this means the disclosures will be £0 for some cost categories.
  • Link Financial Investments (LFI) doesn’t charge investors for operating the Prudential ISA accounts.
  • You can insert the following adviser charge information:
    • Single investment/transfer value Set-up adviser charge;
    • Regular monthly Set-up adviser charge;
    • Ongoing adviser charge.
  • You choose an assumed gross growth rate ranging from 2% - 8% (defaulting to 5%), to show the effect of costs and charges on future returns.

Some important information

  • Any details from the calculator output aren’t an indication of the return your client may receive. The output is designed to show the approximate amount and effect of costs and charges on your clients’ potential investment.
  • You need to consider your other disclosure requirements under MIFID II for investments into OEIC funds. You can find more information on the FCA’s website**.
  • You can also obtain Key Investor Information Documents (KIID) and OEIC Prospectuses from the Link Group website via the PruAdviser website.
  • For investments into the insurance policy for PruFund funds, which come under PRIIP regulations, here’s a Prudential ISA Key Information Document for single/transfers and regular investments. Also here’s your Investment Option Documents, and a Key Features Document.
  • You may also wish to use our generic illustration for the Prudential ISA.
  • You can read more about PruFund range of funds.
  • You can read more about the Prudential ISA
  • The results of the tool shouldn’t be considered as advice and is to aid you during your advice process. 

The results are based on our current understanding of legislation and HMRC practice. But these might change without notice and the tool doesn’t take into account all of the possible circumstances that could impact your clients.

**We can't control what's shown on any other websites.