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PruFund Planet

The power to create the world your clients want.

A smoothed investment experience for clients with positive outcomes for people and the planet

PruFund Planet is designed to deliver a smoothed investment experience for clients whilst aiming to create both competitive returns and positive environmental and social outcomes.

PruFund Planet funds are part of the Prudential With-Profits fund, one of the UK's largest With-Profits Funds. The value of any investment can go down as well as up so your clients might get back less than they paid in.

Positive Outcomes

Invests across our broad spectrum of positive outcomes from protecting to improving the planet; and covering areas such as clean technology and renewable energy to social enterprise.

Where we invest

Access to a globally diverse range of private and public markets, across multiple asset classes and regions. A number of the underlying investments have been created especially for range.

Smoothed returns

The funds benefit from an established smoothing process, to help balance out short term market volatility and deliver steady returns over the long-term.

Choice of funds

A range of five multi-asset funds, each with their own risk profile; enabling advisers to design an investment strategy that suits the client’s attitude to risk and reward and capacity for loss.

What is PruFund Planet?

This short client video takes a closer look at what PruFund Planet is, where it invests, and how the range aims to have a positive effect on pressing social and environmental issues.

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Where does PruFund Planet invest?

Use the interactive guide to find out more about the new fund range, its underlying investments, approach to oversight, exclusions and asset allocation.

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Support for you - toolkit

We've created some material that we think you'll find useful for approaching your clients to engage them about the benefits of investing for good or when they are further along the journey and you're discussing suitability and recommendations

Engaging clients

This material can be used to educate your clients about the concept of investing for good. Contains excerpts of copy you can use in blogs, websites, newsletters and emails.


Suitability and recommendations

This material can be used to address your clients' needs around fund suitability and recommendations.

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Case studies

We've created a number of case studies that reflect areas or companies where PruFund Planet invests. Discover our case study library.

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