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Trustee Investment Plan

Single premium investment for trustees of UK registered Occupational Pension or Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) schemes.

  • Multi-Asset Fund
  • Fund size discounts
  • Investment term flexibility
  • Free fund switching
  • Full, partial and regular withdrawals
  • A range of fund options to suit different needs and attitudes to risk that are not widely available. Our With-Profits Fund and PruFund Funds can provide a balance to higher risk or illiquid assets which may be held in the Scheme, together with growth potential.

  • As an alternative to holding large cash balances in a trustee’s bank account, the Trustee Investment Plan offers the potential for real growth which could help against the effects of inflation.

  • Allows trustees of SIPPs and Occupational Schemes outside of Prudential to invest in our With-Profits Fund and PruFund range of funds.

  • Guarantee options on our PruFund Protected Funds help provide added security, at an extra cost. The PruFund Protected Funds are currently unavailable to new investments.

  • Regular, partial and full withdrawals. Regular withdrawal facility can provide income (subject to limits) without the need to sell or release funds from other assets held in the scheme which may be less accessible, such as property investments.

  • Income flows could help cover payments and costs, such as drawdown payments, loan repayments, and any ongoing costs and charges within the scheme.

  • A Fund Size Discount is applied to the Annual Management Charge depending on the size of the fund.

The value of an investment can go down as well as up. Your client could get back less than they paid in. 

Our Trustee Investment Plan is for Trustees of UK registered Occupational Pension Schemes and Self Invested Personal Pension Schemes (SIPPs). It allows Trustees to invest in our range of funds – to grow investments over the medium to long term.

Investments from SIPPs will be set up for a named individual – known as a “member designated” plan. Other UK registered Occupational Pension Schemes can also designate the plan to an individual member if they wish to do so. However, plans can only be member designated at the start of the plan. Clients can only access the With-Profits Fund if the plan is member designated.

For member designated plans:

  • You can only invest in the With-Profits Fund if the member is under age 85.

  • You cannot choose a PruFund Fund if the member is aged 98 or over.

  • You cannot choose a PruFund Protected Fund with a guarantee term that ends on or after the member’s 99th birthday.

The main charges are :

  • Annual Management Charge (AMC)

  • charges for guarantees (if any are taken)

  • Adviser charges (a set-up charge and ongoing charges, if agreed with your client

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