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Prudential ISA

The Prudential ISA, provided by Link Financial Investments Ltd, combines tax-efficient investment with access to the PruFund funds and Open-Ended Investment Company (OEIC) funds.

If your client is investing in any of the PruFund Funds available under the Prudential ISA you'll have to provide them with the relevant KID(s) and IOD(s) based on the type of payments to me made, i.e. single contribution/transfer payment and/or regular contribution, and the relevant PruFund funds for those payments.

Follow the link below to obtain the relevant documents. The documents are split into two sections:

  • The KID for the Life Insurance Policy within the Prudential ISA which should be used for a single contribution/transfer payment, and the associated IODs for each PruFund fund.
  • The KID for the Life Insurance Policy within the Prudential ISA - Regular Investment which should be used for a regular contribution, and the associated IODs for each PruFund fund.

View all KIDs and IODs

  Some of the documents for The Prudential ISA, such as application forms, servicing forms and fund information documents,
  are only available on the Link's website.

  View Link Financial documents  Link costs and charges disclosure

The Prudential ISA;

  • is a Stocks and Shares ISA and is not a flexible ISA.
  • is a digital product that allows you to purchase and service your client’s Prudential ISA on their behalf using Link’s online service, Prudential ISA Online Services.
  • does not require you to obtain a signed client declaration to set the ISA up.
  • does not require a signed transfer authority, in most cases, for transfers into the Prudential ISA where the transferring ISA Manager is electronically enabled with Link. There may however be circumstances where the transfer can’t be made electronically and a signed transfer authority form will be required.
  • The Prudential ISA has two elements providing a range of investment products:
    • A life insurance policy - which allows access to a range of PruFund Funds for which Prudential is responsible
    • Open-Ended Investment Company (OEIC) funds - which Link Fund Solutions Limited are responsible

Your client can choose to invest in one or both of these elements of the Prudential ISA. 

Download our guide to the Prudential ISA and the Prudential ISA Fast Facts Document for more information.