Portal illustrations

You can access illustrations and new business submissions through industry-leading comparison portals.

Access illustrations through these comparison portals:

The products available for illustrations and submissions through these comparison portals are:

  • Retirement Account
  • Flexible Retirement Plan
  • Prudential Investment Plan

Once you’ve been given an illustration on IRESS for one of these products, you can link through to our site to progress the application.

To use IRESS Exchange and iPipeline Assureweb you will need to register for an account.

You can also use a Unipass Certificate or Unipass Identity to log in to the portals.

You can use Unipass Certificate or Unipass Identity, IRESS Exchange or iPipeline Assureweb user names and passwords to access online services on this site.

Unipass queries

For Unipass queries, contact the Unipass Helpdesk.

Assureweb queries

For Assureweb queries, contact the iPipeline Support Team.

IRESS Exchange queries

For IRESS Exchange queries, contact the Exchange helpdesk.

PruAdviser Online Services queries

The PruAdviser Helpdesk can help with any queries on accessing and using the PruAdviser website, including our Online Services. The helpdesk is available 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

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