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Bond Gain Tool

Key features of our Bond Gain Tool

Based on the past premium and withdrawal history it will allow you to model the potential gain based on full segment surrender and / or partial withdrawals.

The tool can either be used where the full bond history including segment surrenders are known or where the values are known for the current segments.

The tool will not automatically calculate the lowest gain as the lowest gain is not necessarily the most appropriate course of action.

Once the gain is known should you need to estimate the tax that will be due on the gain you can use our Tax Relief Modeller.

Guidance, but not advice

The tool estimates your client’s bond gain based on the information used. The results of this tool shouldn’t be considered as advice and is to aid you during your advice process. The results are based on current understanding of legislation and HMRC practice. But these might change without notice and the tool doesn’t consider all the possible circumstances that could impact your clients.

Whilst you’re able to download this tool, we would always recommend using the version available online in case it changes.

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