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Tax Year End Support

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Important things to think about at Tax Year End

Watch our short videos from the M&G Technical team covering better outcomes for clients.

Realising gains at the end of the tax year is a common activity but when investments are brought at different times the dreaded ‘share pool’ comes into play and the calculation of how much to surrender to use up your Annual Exempt Amount (AEA). This video takes you through a case study on how to realise gains up to the AEA and equally important, what you might want to do with the proceeds.

Working out how much you can pay into your pension can be quite tricky, especially when you need to consider the interaction of the Annual Allowance with the general tax relief rules. In this video we look at the technicalities of getting to the important part - how much can I actually pay into my pension and get tax relief?

Investment income and gains may not actually be subject to tax but might still trigger a need to self-assess.   In this short video we look at when investment income and gains trigger self-assesmment returns along with some planning thoughts.

Tax relief isn't as simple as 20%, 40% and 45%, client circumstances dictate the level of tax relief. In this video, we explain how you work out tax relief and where higher than marginal rates can be found. The higher the relief, the higher the return!

Inheritance tax (IHT) receipts and IHT paying estates is on an upwards trajectory. In this video we look at the technicalities of the annual and small gifts IHT exemption - how they work and why you might want to use them.

Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) are a cornerstone of any financial plan and a tax wrapper 'no brainer' for many. This video looks at why you should be putting your cash into an ISA and, maybe more importantly, what if you don't have cash in the bank?

Maximising use of peoples allowance to meet their objectives is a key part of financial planning. In this video, we explain the ins and outs of making sure you use up all of your Annual Allowance.

Some would say that the normal expenditure out of income exemption is the most generous of the Inheritance Tax (IHT) exemptions - it's unlimited. This video looks at how it works and also how you might use it to start making inroads in your client's IHT liabilities.

Making sure you have enough in pensions is essential. Those closing in on retirement will be especially concerned that they have enough in their pot to last them. Funding “one last hurrah” whilst your client has relevant earnings into a pension can be a valuable top up. But there are the recycling rules, so what can be done?

The normal expenditure out of income exemption is generous but there are three conditions that must be met. This video considers a case study showing how a client can meet their IHT planning objectives using this exemption.

Key Tax tools

Explore our range of tax tools and uncover issues that could affect your clients - from tax to returns and more.

Tax Relief Modeller

Understand how pension contributions could affect your client's tax position; or calculate your client's tax position regardless of any further pension contributions.

Annual Allowance Calculator

Find out how Annual Allowance could impact your clients - whether the standard Annual Allowance or tapered annual allowance applies, as well as the amount of unused allowance and carry forward.

Bond Gain Tool

Based on the past premium and withdrawal history, the bond gain tool will allow you to model the potential gain based on full segment surrender and/or partial withdrawals.

Extracting Company Profits Tool

Find out if your client could extract profits from their business in a more tax efficient way and how.


Everything you ever wanted to know about tax year end

Every January, tax year end comes around like clockwork. And at the same time, the M&G Wealth Technical Team start to receive a myriad of questions with a specific tax year end slant…

If you missed the live event, you can catch up and get the answers to all your tax year end questions. 

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