For UK financial advisers only, not approved for use by retail customers. Click here for the customer website.

We’ve introduced Electronic Signatures for international bonds

We’re pleased to announce that we can now accept e-signatures using third party e-sign providers for our range of international bonds.

What documents can e-signatures be used with?
The type of document.
Accepted Not accepted
  • Application forms

  • Non-Irish residence declaration

  • TRSC forms

  • Full and partial encashment forms

  • Regular withdrawal forms

  • Change of address forms

  • Fund switch request forms

  • Nomination of beneficiary forms

  • Fund advisor forms

  • Adviser charging instruction forms

  • Investment adviser appointment forms
  • Power of Attorney documents

  • Wills

  • Prudential International (PIA) trust deeds

  • Bespoke trust deeds (non-PIA trusts)

  • Assignments/change of ownerships

The signed document must include an audit review summary page that confirms:

  • Unique document identifier

  • The names/email addresses of the parties that have e-signed a document

  • The dates and times it was e-signed

  • The IP address of the location that it was signed, additionally it may contain the MAC address of the electronic device that was used

The form will not be accepted if it does not include the audit review summary page.

We can only accept application forms and documentation from the following approved e-signature providers: 

  • DocuSign

  • EverSign

  • Adobe Sign (this excludes Adobe Fill & Sign)

  • Advicefront

  • HelloSign

  • Legalesign

  • Nitro Sign

  • RSign

  • SignNow

For more information, please contact your Prudential Account Manager.