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Trustee Investment Plan current status

Signatureless process for the Trustee Investment Plan (TIP)

SIPP Providers and Trustees can have access to our 'signatureless' process for the following TIP requests:

  • New Business
  • Withdrawal of Units
  • Adviser Charge Alteration (changes to OAC% only)
  • Fund Switch
  • Monetary Withdrawal
  • Change to Regular Income
  • Cancellation

The use of a signatureless process removes the need for you to obtain a ‘wet’ signature from trustees. Nevertheless, if your internal process requires a signature then you should continue to follow this process.

This process will be reviewed regularly and may change in the future.

However, we’ll only accept submissions of signatureless requests from one of the following:

  • Scheme Trustee/Administrator

  • Delegated Authority

Available methods for submitting requests:

  • Regular electronic submission route or via the Customer Support team email with confirmation that they are acting on behalf of the Scheme Trustee/Administrator

  • Postal/hardcopy

TIP Open to New Business

Trustee Investment Plan (Series A)

How the new process will work

The table below sets out the process and any relevant further information for each type of application. Applications need not be signed but please sign if your internal processes require.

Service Request PruAdviser Download Form Request Via Letterheaded Paper
New Business Application Yes No
Withdrawal of Units Yes Yes
Adviser Charge Alteration (changes to OAC% only) Yes Yes
Fund Switch Yes Yes
Monetary Withdrawal Yes Yes
Change to Regular Income No Yes
Cancellation Available on request Yes
Authorised Person for Submission of Signatureless
  • Scheme Trustee/Administrator
  • Delegated Authority
  • Scheme Trustee/Administrator
  • Delegated Authority
  • Email to include acting on behalf of Scheme Trustees/Administrator
  • Complete Form
  • Accompanying documentation

Then email via normal secure transfer or

  • Email to include acting on behalf of Scheme Trustees/Administrator
  • Letterheaded Instruction
  • Accompanying documentation

Then email via normal secure transfer or

If you’ve completed a paper application, this along with any other requirements should also be emailed to us in the same way.  

Confirmation of bank account details can be found here:


BACS/TT transfers:

Bank name and address: HSBC, 8 Canada Square, London E14 5XL

Bank sort code: 40-02-50

Bank account number: 41425587

Bank account name: PACL General Receipts Account

Quote the client name/Scheme name or our plan number if known as reference when sending the funds

Also the funds must be sent from the trustees’ bank account NOT from a personal account or the sponsoring employer’s account.

If you do have any further questions, please call us on 0808 100 3429 - we’re happy to help.  From abroad you can phone us on (+) 44 1786 448844.  We’re open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday (apart from bank holidays). 

Alternatively email us at