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Protected Tax Free Cash Tool

Calculate the scheme specific protected tax free cash amount for money purchase arrangements on or after 6 April 2012.

  • See the calculation methodology as detailed Pension Tax Manual - PTM063130.
  • Assess the potential higher than 25% tax free entitlement your client has based on the value of the tax free cash and fund value as at the 5th of April 2006, the current fund value and any Lifetime Allowance Protection that is in place.
  • Print the results in a printer friendly format for your files.

Key features of our Protected Tax Free Cash Tool

Find the protected tax free amount your client may be entitled to

For those that had a higher than 25% entitlement to tax free cash as at 5 April 2006 within a scheme, this entitlement can be retained subject to this entitlement not being lost. This form of lump sum protection would be lost if a member transfers their rights to another pension scheme and the transfer is not a block transfer. See PTM063150 for issues that arise regarding this protection when a transfer is made, whether or not it is a block transfer.

Guidance, but not advice

The results of the tool are illustrative only and are in no way intended to be a recommendation for a particular course of action and do not constitute advice. The results are based on our current understanding of legislation and HMRC practice. But these might change without notice and the tool doesn’t take into account all of the possible circumstances that could impact your clients.

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