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How we manage money

The facts and figures behind our approach.

T&IO – the engine behind Prudential’s multi asset portfolios

The M&G Treasury and Investment Office (T&IO) has great strength in depth with a team that includes investment professionals with expertise in capital market research, investment strategy design, liability management, derivatives and portfolio management. They are the team behind the UK’s largest With-Profits Fund - and many other Prudential funds.

Actuaries, Economists and Investment Strategists

11 members for complex in house financial modelling*


£176bn of assets under management*

Manages up to

34 different asset types*


£13bn in the property portfolio within the With-Profits Fund*


25 involved in investment activities*

Manager Oversight

7 strong team for internal and external governance and investment due diligence*

*Source: T&IO as at 30th June 2021

What sets our investment approach apart

We believe our clients’ long-term needs are best served through the strategic blending of assets, multiple scenario planning, painstaking fund selection and working closely with fund managers.

Strength in multi-asset

We offer clients a proven track record in multi-asset investment, derived from a deep understanding of tactical and strategic asset allocation and the ability to access over 34 asset types.

How we manage investments

Each member of T&IO brings deep expertise from their area of specialism. Together, their complementary strengths make Prudential a leader in multi-asset investment.

A range of funds and products built to meet your clients investment objectives

Whether you need a risk-managed active, risk-managed passive or smoothed investment solution we provide advisers with a wide choice of funds and products to meet most client needs.

How we manage risk and compliance

Our approach to risk and compliance. Ensuring we protect both your and your clients’ best interests and meet our regulatory obligations in full.

The Investment Engine

T&IO – the engine behind Prudential’s multi asset portfolios.