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PruFund - built to navigate uncertainty

Our PruFund range of funds are designed to navigate choppy markets, geo-political uncertainty and imitation – and still manage to deliver over the long term.

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T&IO weekly market update

Treasury and Investment Office (T&IO) weekly podcast discussing the latest market developments and T&IOs current outlook.

PruFund Factsheets

A closer look at fund performance for the PruFund range of funds.

Due Diligence and Third Party reports

A number of internal and external case studies, risk mapping documents and research guides.

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Regular commentary and information on the PruFund range of funds, including asset class reviews and the latest asset allocations.

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A range of client facing content to support your client conversations around PruFund.

Where PruFund Invests - support and reassurance for your clients

This short video takes a closer look at where PruFund customers are invested across the world and the underlying assets that aim to spread risk and diversify investment growth.

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Our PruFund explained video also provides more information on how the fund works.

Here's a client guide to the PruFund smoothing process.

Where PruFund Invests

7 Feb 2022    11 minutes

Managing volatility

PruFund has two advantages here:

  • Its smoothing mechanism can help to protect your client's investment from the impact of extreme short term market volatility    

  • Its diverse asset allocation spreads risk and helps to avoid concentration of exposure in different asset classes and geographical locations. 

Recent market volatility, due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, has prompted a lot of questions and knee jerk reactions in the investment world. This recent webinar about the mechanics of PruFund, the smoothing process, the holding account and unit price adjustments - provides a reassuring reminder of why the PruFund range of funds has the ingredients to provide clients with potentially good outcomes.
Watch the Webinar.

The value of any investment can go down as well as up so your clients might get back less than they paid in

View PruFund performance and factsheets                             View our step by step guide to smoothing 

Managing PruFund

A combination of an established smoothing process, global diversification and fund management expertise - Our PruFund funds aim to provide your clients with a smoothed investment journey.

Expected Growth Rates (EGRs) - a forward looking projection, which reflects our view of how we think each PruFund fund will perform over the medium to long term (5-10 years or more). *

Latest PruFund fund EGRs and UPAs 

Access to the asset allocation and investment expertise of the M&G Treasury and Investment Office (T&IO), who manage around £175 bn of Assets Under Management (as at December 2021).

Learn more about T&IO and how they manage money

Choice of seven multi-asset PruFund funds helps cater for different attitudes to risk and capacity for loss.

View the PruFund range of funds client guide


*We also have to take into account shorter-term performance, which means we’ll continually monitor the underlying fund performance and make adjustments to the fund value, up or down, when necessary. These are known as Unit Price Adjustments (UPAs).

How ESG applies to the PruFund range

The process and philosophy behind how we manage PruFund money has not changed, only evolved. We remain long-term investors and so believe that ESG factors should be considered in addition to and alongside the more traditional financial metrics.

ESG considerations are integrated into all of our investment decisions relating to asset allocation, mandate design and manager selection and oversight.

PruFunds screen for companies that intentionally violate human rights, labour standards, environment standards and anti-corruption laws. Certain actions will be taken, ranging from monitoring to engagement, to outright exclusion, based on our assessment of the individual company and the circumstances of the violation. More information is available in our ESG policy Q&A.

How do I find out more about PruFund?

PruFund Growth Fund

Aims to maximise growth while helping to smooth the ups and downs of investment performance

PruFund Cautious Fund

Aims for steady and consistent growth through a cautious approach to investing

Risk Managed 'smoothed' PruFunds

Five risk managed funds designed to deliver positive environmental and societal outcomes

PruFund Planet Funds

Five risk managed funds designed to suit different attitudes to risk and reward