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Source: Figures for the M&G Treasury and Investment Office as at 31 December 2023.

Consistent to the core

For your Centralised Investment Proposition, for meeting regulations and for client suitability - consistency matters to your adviser business.

Consistency is also what drives the investment approach that creates the diversified portfolios for a range of investment solutions, including the Model Portfolio Service from M&G Wealth Investments and the PruFund and the Risk-Managed range from Prudential.

It's a tried and tested approach, delivering consistent results and value for investors since 2004, through some of the the most challenging market events.

The team at the heart of this approach is the M&G Treasury and Investment Office (T&IO) who are responsible for multi-asset portfolios distributed across the businesses of M&G plc. Their decades of expertise in asset allocation flow into every one of the multi-asset funds. And their core investment process underpins the performance of all the investment solutions available through M&G wealth.

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Your team of investment experts sit across 3 key areas. Explore what they do and how they do it in the videos below.

Strategic Asset Allocation

Learn more about the Long Term Investment Strategy team who build out the investment strategy, map out possible future scenarios, and drive the long-term portfolio performance.

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Manager Selection & Oversight

Discover how the team design bespoke strategies, select best in class managers for each asset class and ensure fund managers are doing what they say they are within the portfolios.

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Portfolio Management

Understand more about how this team place trades, takes advantage of short-term opportunities and helps reduce operational risk.

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A distinct investment approach

Investments managed in a safe pair of hands

With a philosophy and process 20 years in the making, the teams' first-hand experience in dealing with challenging market events like the financial crisis and Brexit, means they can draw on past learnings to help build resilience for the next. Their unrestricted access to resource across M&G and partners worldwide helps to deliver value in portfolios, striving for successful outcomes for investments and ultimately, clients.

A long-term, patient perspective

T&IO, apply a patient long-term perspective across your clients’ multi-asset portfolios. This helps to navigate short-term market fluctuations, staying committed to your clients investment strategies.

Bespoke modelling for robust portfolios

The in-house modelling tool GENESIS is used to map a broad range of future scenarios, to help anticipate changes to interest rates, inflation and the impact of global events. With the aim of creating robust portfolios for clients, no matter how the markets are performing.

Tapping into global expertise

The team's regular interaction with M&G asset managers across 26 countries and external partners worldwide, means they have access to expertise where they need it, when they need it.

Independent decision making

Unlike some others, the investment team doesn’t rely on third parties to make key investment decisions. They're empowered to make their own, enabling them to take advantage of global short term market opportunities quickly and independently.

Customised building blocks

The team creates their own building blocks and look for the best fund managers, or in the case of the Model Portfolio Service (MPS), combines internal vehicles or selects best of breed external managers. This means portfolios can be constructed in a way that maximizes potential returns, whilst staying true to the funds objective.

Globally diversified portfolios

Diversifying portfolios gives your clients the best opportunity to capture returns and shield their investments from market volatility. The teams experience and understanding of a very wide range of asset classes, both in public and private markets, means your client benefits from the effects of a truly globally diversified portfolio.

Where the team invest

Whether T&IO are looking to invest in a start up or an established company with innovative ideas, being part of M&G plc means the team can leverage wider group resources and available capital. Enabling them to look to invest in areas and markets some of our peers might not be able to.  Here’s just some examples that you may find of interest.*

40 Leadenhall

M&G’s development of 40 Leadenhall in London’s financial district taps into modern occupier demands and is set to be the largest office development in the City of London in 2024. 

It will be among the UK’s first buildings to achieve the National Australian Built Environment Ratings System (NABERS) certification – an energy efficient standard that measures how a building’s designed to operate as well as how it performs in use.

Investment type Real Estate
Sector / Industry Property
Location UK
Underlying manager M&G Real Estate


Zenobe is a market leading innovative business within the rapidly growing areas of electric vehicles [EV] and battery energy storage solutions Bess. The business operates across three segments:

  • Electric fleets: end to end solutions to fleet electrification, including charging infrastructure, battery replacement and award-winning software.
  • Network infrastructure: large scale battery storage connected to the electricity grid, supporting an increasing proportion of renewable energy capacity.
  • Second life batteries: refurbished batteries providing portable power or on site static power to maximise clean energy usage.
Investment type Infrastructure
Sector / Industry Electric vehicles and battery storage 
Location Global
Underlying manager Infracapital


Hightown Housing Association is a medium-sized provider of high-quality affordable housing in the UK. They own and manage over 8,200 homes and provides care and supported housing across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. They are committed to providing housing to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it at below market rents.

Hightown also provides care and support services to vulnerable residents, nearly all of whom will be reliant on income support from the government as cannot work due to their disabilities. With the aim of addressing inequality and underserved communities.

Investment type Private Senior Debt
Sector / Industry Property
Location UK
Underlying manager M&G Catalyst

*Note that the companies or areas that T&IO choose to invest in could change in the future, and may be different to the companies shown as examples here. This information should not be taken as a recommendation to invest or advice.

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