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Hybrid Range

Hybrid is range of five risk-managed portfolios each with different levels of potential risk and reward.  Invested regionally, they select from the 'Whole of Market' passive and the 'Whole of Market' active investment instruments. They use a long-term strategic asset allocation and a wide range of asset classes. The active tactical asset overlay aims to boost investment returns relative to the strategic asset allocation.

The value of any investment can go down as well as up, so your customer might not get back the amount they put in.

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Hybrid is a range of five risk-managed portfolios invested in a blend of active and passive funds:

  • Majority of the portfolio is invested in funds that hold equities and bonds from specific regions, such as a UK equity fund or UK corporate bond fund
  • Uses a blend of actively managed investment funds and passively managed investment funds. M&G Wealth determines where passive and active funds are used, taking into account the potential to generate returns in excess of the fund costs
  • The portfolios contain circa 17 to 25 funds, depending on the risk profile
  • Available on a wide range of platforms
  • 0.15% discretionary management fee

Fact sheets

Hybrid with ETFs: this model range can include funds and ETFs and has an inception date of 31/12/2014:

Hybrid with ETFs 3 (H-MP3)    Hybrid with ETFs 4 (H-MP4)   Hybrid with ETFs 5 (H-MP5)   Hybrid with ETFs 6 (H-MP6)   Hybrid with ETFs 7 (H-MP7)   

Hybrid without ETFs: this model range includes funds only (no ETFs) and has an inception date of 31/12/2016:

Hybrid no ETFs 3 (HF-MP3)    Hybrid no ETFs 4 (HF-MP4)   Hybrid no ETFs 5 (HF-MP5)   Hybrid no ETFs 6 (HF-MP6)   Hybrid no ETFs 7 (HF-MP7)   

Adviser support centre

Our library of support material gives you easy access to a suite of helpful items including fact sheets, guides, risk mapping, performance and investment outlooks.

Balancing the risk

We've worked with a number of risk profiling companies to assess our Hybrid range. Take a look at the reports to find out more.

Oxford Risk



Dynamic Planner


How can you access our MPS ranges?

The Hybrid range can be accessed through the following platform providers:


  • M&G Wealth Platform
  • Advance by Embark
  • Aviva
  • Quilter
  • Embark
  • Transact
  • Novia
  • Nucleus

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